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"That the world seeks to change this faithful service of pure love into sedition, this we will have to accept and bear with  patience as did our forefathers."
__Menno Simons
Herb's Quick Timeline

What Holly Thinks 02-26-08
Announcement: Stepping It Up

Post-Annapolis Negotiations
Begin to Make Progress
Read about it here

Israel Wants Closer Ties With EU
'What is becoming evident is the increasing understanding of the importance the European Union plays in world events and in the Middle East particularly, officials say.'
Read about it here

Adam's Angle 02-20-08
A Tough Nut to Crack

Israel, U.S. Discuss Deploying 
NATO Troops in the West Bank
Read about it here

First Man on the Scene
Read about it here

 What Holly Thinks 02-19-08
Is Obama the Antichrist?

The AoC: Tailor-Made for Obama
Read about it here

E.U. Tells U.S.: Respect Brussels
Read about it here

Solana Welcomes Launch of 'Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect'
Read about it here

Solana Criticizes Russia
Read about it here

Educational Ministry Poster
Internationalizes Jerusalem
Read about it here

PA Official: Jerusalem Talks
Taking Place
Read about it here
PA Prime Minister Acknowledges
That 'Israeli Security Needs Must Be Met'
Read about it here

'Old and Safe Pair of Hands'
'The rumour gaining ground is that the best personality for the high representative at the beginning is Solana himself'
Read about it here

Florida State University Hosts
AoC Conference
FSU Will Serve As AoC Think Tank
Read about it here

Secret Talks Revealed About
Status of Jerusalem
Read about it here

France Ratifies EU Treaty
Read about it here

Blair Says PA Starting to Abide
By 'Road Map'
Read about it here

Syria: Golan Heights the
Key to Peace With Israel
Read about it here

Transformed UN Proposed
to Create 'New World Order'
Read about it here

EU Plans Constant Surveillance
Read about it here

The EU Reform Treaty
Why Washington Should Be
Read about it here

Romania Ratifies EU Treaty
Read about it here

SEPA Goes Live
Read about it here

France to Ratify EU Treaty
By Stealth
Read about it here

Adam's Angle 02-04-08

Solana: EU Ready to Act in Gaza
Read about it here

Slovenia and Malta Ratify
EU Treaty
Read about it here

EU Heads Discuss Recording
Personal Data of All EU Visitors
Read about it here

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Cumbey blogspot.com

    "I have followed Herb Peter's very astute work on the prophetic implications of European unification via the internet since 1999.  I had noticed many of the same trends that Herb was reporting as a religious writer for his local paper.  We have been personally talking since early in the year 2000.  Herb is one of the most astute observers and reporters of current events as they report to prophetic fulfillment that I know. I have known many, but few of his caliber.
  Herb called my attention to Recommendation 666 almost immediately after it was initially published as Javier Solana's power-enhancing bill for the 10 nation Western European Union.  In Recommendation 666 Herb Peters gives you the information he spent many long hours pursuing together with what it means for you, your family, and most importantly -- your soul. I heartily and unreservedly commend it to you."
Constance E. Cumbey, author of the # 1 Best Seller
The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

    "If one is curious about Europe and want to know more about her role in prophecy, this is your book.  No one but no one has put their finger on the pulse of Europe quite like that of Herb Peters.  He has not only comprehended well the details of the 'Revived Roman Empire' as detailed in the book of Daniel, but has also shown a unique and profound insight into the modern workings of that soon to be 'last great empire'. And then the best part, Herb has the ability to translate those workings for the common Christian reader interested in the prophetic word to easily understand.
    I can't begin to tell you of the insight and understanding I have received as a result of reading Recommendation  666.  It truly has been a tremendous blessing to me.  I recommend it, it's an eye-opener."
Rev. Robert L. Nash, Associate Minister of the
Goodwin Memorial Baptist Church Harrisburg, PA

Unsolicited Amazon
customer review posted 9-15-03
 __(Thanks Mario)__
  I highly recommend Herb's book, he has perhaps stumbled on what could be the true meaning of the 666.
     Herb has focused on what is truly going on deep inside the European Union. Have no doubt about it, there is and will be a power struggle in the end to see who gets to become the EU's first Super-President in the future.
   The EU is very relevant in bible prophecy because it is prophesied that both the future Anti-Christ and False Prophet both rise from the EU via ROME.
Mario Romano
Solana Beach, CA

- The Unreported News -_
Israel began saying "Peace and safety" by voting for Yitzhak Rabin and by beginning to trade land for peace. This important, overlooked sign signaled the soon coming of the Antichrist and his false seven-year agreement (1 Thess. 5:3, Daniel 9:27).
A 10-nation military alliance appeared in Europe. According to Bible prophecy, if the Antichrist was on his way, this 10-nation alliance had to come first. And, it did  (Daniel 7:7).
The 10 nations here
The first Mr. Europe, Javier Solana, appeared on the scene to oversee the EU's foreign and security policy. The same year he also became head over the 10-nation alliance (Daniel 7:8).
The 10-nation alliance made themselves the official military wing of the EU and the new Mr. Europe was given emergency powers. And the most shocking part ... this was all done with the Western European Union's Assembly Recommendation 666!
Recommendation 666 here
Document #666 here
The rotating six-month presidency is to be replaced and the EU's  foreign policy given entirely to one person -  possibly Solana.

All above posted February 2002.

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