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Fulfilled Prophecy was founded in February 2002 by Herbert L. Peters, the owner of an insurance business in Lake Isabella, Calif.

Herb’s love of Bible prophecy began in the early 1970s when he dedicated his life to Christ after reading a book on prophecy, The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey. He began a lifelong study of the subject and eventually became a weekly religion columnist for several newspapers in his hometown region. In his columns, Herb reported on the similarities between the European Union and the “revived Roman Empire” — the final superpower of Bible prophecy. He also reported on his discovery of a 10-nation military alliance in the European Union — the Western European Union — that appeared to have many similarities to the 10-nation alliance the Antichrist will one day rise over.

Then, in 2001, Herb decided to write a book after discovering a Western European Union document titled “Assembly Recommendation 666” — a document he believed might identify the office of the Antichrist. Unable to find a publisher for his book, Herb was determined to get its important information out to a larger audience. So, he started FulfilledProphecy.com and posted his book, Recommendation 666, online for people to read for free. He also began to post his commentaries. FP quickly gained a faithful following, becoming one of the leading end-time prophecy sites.

Herb called himself an “end-time reporter” and was respected for his analysis of geopolitical events and their relation to Bible prophecy. He was noted for drawing attention to the militarization of the European Union, long before the government watchdogs caught sight of it. He also closely reported on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) — implemented on Jan. 1, 2007 — noting similarities with the seven-year covenant that will mark the start of the 70th Week of Daniel (Daniel 9:27).

Herb died unexpectedly of colon cancer in June 2007, but his research has influenced people’s understanding of end-time events all over the world. His writings are maintained on this site by his daughter, Holly Pivec, who operates the blog Spirit of Error (www.spiritoferror.org).