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In 2003 I began work on a second, advanced law degree in the area of international law at a top tier U.S. law school. Before long it was time to select a topic for my thesis. As I explored various possibilities using Google searches, I found myself time and again on Herb Peters’ site, FulfilledProphecy.com.

Frankly, I had a low opinion of online end-times sites because they tended to take people’s focus off of Jesus Christ and throw us into a trepid sea of sensationalized world events, often reported out of context and wrapped in one conspiracy theory after another. Herb’s site, to my surprise, never once did that. Instead I found the painstaking work of a humble man who loved Jesus and the entire Bible. Herb knew he had a good theory but never insisted that he had a lock on the truth.

So, I laid aside my preconceptions, read his book, Recommendation 666, and began working through the Fulfilled Prophecy archives. I probably have spent a thousand hours researching the European Union, often starting with something I found on his site. Never once did I find an error in his work. I vividly remember showing my thesis proposal — about the growing militarization of the European Union — to a senior German diplomat who taught my European Union Law course. The professor scoffed and said none of this could be true. A few weeks later, he returned from a trip to Berlin, pulled me aside and told me I was right. Well, Herb, you were right. And I am indeed grateful.

A Texas lawyer