EMP Shield HOME Install (Might be a good idea)

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EMP Shield HOME Install (Might be a good idea)

Postby st louis steve on Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:06 am

EMP Shield HOME Install https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW5X3jLXvuI SAVE $50 OFF. This is a video of how I installed my EMP Shield. I consulted with EMP Shield directly - they said this was in fact, correct installation, in my case.
(For your safety- you should hire an electrician to install).
GET $50 OFF Link - click here https://www.empshield.com/sporte77
I did this install myself- but I have extensive experience & took all precautions. As with any electrical work - turn off ALL power to the entire house. I take no responsibility for your own actions. This is just a documentary of my own installation. This is not necessarily a How-To video. EMP Shield company has their own official installation video for you. Also, I recommend the 12volt model for your car. CME protection. I have one installed on my Ford F350 as well.
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