No More Date Setting

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No More Date Setting

Postby Keeping Alert on Mon Sep 28, 2015 3:59 pm

I think with all the feasts and their corresponding blood moons behind us, I think it is best not to keep any pet dates for anything to happen from henceforth.

This month is probably the most significant month as far as events and counting of days go... but life goes on as quite normal...

I am not saying the month was insignificant for its events but I am now convinced that setting a date and looking forward to that date is not beneficial and may lead us on an emotional roller-coaster that may be detrimental.

I am sure there are other dates in the future that man will want to conjure as a possible date of this and that... but they cannot beat this month's tetrad and exact 49 prophetic years counting to this Yom Kippur as well as events by the UN and the Pope, etc... so my advice is just give up on any date setting...
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Re: No More Date Setting

Postby Jay Ross on Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:53 pm

Keeping Alert, I agree with you. Jesus in Matthew 24:32 gave an indication of when the Summer harvest Season was to start, but it required the use of a little cognitive reasoning powers to discern the meaning of what he meant in this one verse parable. It also requires us to use the Daniel formula to determine the approximate number of years between when the Fig Tree begins to bud towards the end of the Winter season and the start of the Summer harvest Season. It is all determined by how the weather plays out during this period of time.

The only view that can be formed is that it will be around 91 plus years depending on whether or not there was an early Spring coupled with a late start to the Summer harvest season. It all depends on how the plants will respond to the warmth of the love shown onto them by the Son.

It really is not that complicated at all to discern.


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Re: No More Date Setting

Postby Ready1 on Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:32 am

We have seen it on this site and we have seen it in the world around us. Every time that a date is set and it passes without fulfillment, there is disappointment, discouragement, and disillusionment. So let's all watch without trying to "peg it".

One of the few 100% statistics in our world is EVERYONE who has set a date for the Lord's return has been wrong. :grin:

The first big one that I can remember was "88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988". It actually made newspapers all across the country. And then nothing happened. The only positive that came out of it for me personally was my feeling of anticipation as the day grew closer. When nothing happened, I was "let down" along with millions of others and realized that I really wasn't anticipating His return on a daily basis like I thought I was. Then there have been many, many dates set since that time which have all been wrong. I learned my lesson in 1988. Younger folks have been learning that lesson along the way since that time.
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Re: No More Date Setting

Postby GodsStudent on Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:55 am

Who on this site was date setting???? I am aware of watching and discussing dates others set, but not actual date setting by anyone here on FP. I opened a thread about the day of atonement, and that was a thread where (yet again) a person who calls themselves a Christian, but celebrates the old covenant feast days (Messianic Christian is the name these folks go by) set a date for the rapture on the day of atonement, but pretty much OUR COMMENTS on that thread were about watching to see if these folks were right and yet doubting it the whole time. Proven fact, now....they are false prophets.....but this site is about watching and being a watchman and discussing prophecy and prophecy related things. I am not aware of anyone on this site actually setting dates, though.....but watching, which is what we do.

Here's the thread on the day of atonement I was speaking of, and I don't see anyone here rushing to follow their date, but it was discussed:

The blood moons have come and gone, and I for one am still watching those (though I must say after all the discussion and learning here, only half hearted at best).....because as discussed elsewhere, these don't result in something happing on the final day of the tetrad (which this year culminated with a super moon as well, which may or may not mean anything at all)....but I still watch. From what we've learned of these, WHEN something significant to the Jewish people happened around blood moon tetrads, it was the following year, and not the last day of the blood moon tetrad. So, any interest in the blood moons on my part would be specifically with respect to the Jewish people and no one else.

It is interesting to note that the ones who are making such a big deal about the blood moons are AGAIN the Messianic folk I just mentioned. Jonathan Cahn, Mark Biltz...these folk are messianic Christians......again.......worth noting. Seems more likely from a watcher's perspective that they are being told that Christ fulfilled everything...and His work on the cross FINISHED....and He said IT IS DONE....and it got they need to cut it out with all their date keeping....
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