Muslim "Crisis" and the ENP(I) Theory

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Muslim "Crisis" and the ENP(I) Theory

Postby Mr Baldy on Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:57 am

Hello All,

I wanted to bring up the "crisis" involving the Muslim Nations, and how I believe that it relates to the ENP(I) theory, and it's incredible timing with what is occurring around the World.

Let me first state that I believe that we are still in the "midst" of the ENP(I) theory, which is the strengthening agent or set of policies that "confirmed the 1995 Barcelona Process. As many of you know it's term began on January 1, 2007 and will expire on December 31, 2013. This is a seven (7) year period.

With the crisis going on in the Muslim World - most are forgetting that we have the ENP(I) and what has also been put forth is a "mandate" to "divide the land of Israel" - and that by August 2011. I believe that this is all related, as I believe that the land will be divided first, and subsequent Peace Keeping Troops will be established there, bringing forth a "false" sense of security for Israel. Having the land divided, the call for the "man of sin" to be given "power to continue" will be necessary, then an "evil thought" will come up in the minds of the Muslim Nations, and the Gog war will ensue.

The "man of sin" will be given credit for destroying most of the Muslim Nations in the Gog war - however we know that this will be Divine intervention by God Himself - as we near the Return of Christ. So there will be no so-called Muslim "Mahdi"

This is all coming together, and we have a 7 year Covenant with Many that is still viable - yet it seems to me that there are many who still want to dismiss it.
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