IDF soldiers new attraction for gay tourists

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IDF soldiers new attraction for gay tourists

Postby denise on Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:13 am,7340 ... 57,00.html

IDF soldiers new attraction for gay tourists

American porn producer markets organized trip to Israel that includes unusual experience – visit to military base to meet with 'hot soldiers'.

They are fit, tan, confident, and exude Israeli ruggedness that is hard to withstand. These qualities apparently make IDF soldiers one of the most sought-after tourist attractions for gay tourists.

In recent years, a numerous and varied attempts have been made to market Israel as a country friendly to gay tourists. Two New York companies, Steele Travel and Lucas Entertainment, offer travel packages to Israel for the gay community.


Israel is truly becoming modern Sodom....

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Re: IDF soldiers new attraction for gay tourists

Postby GodsStudent on Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:34 am

Oh, good grief. Just picturing the "hawkish" behavior of those I have seen at times in my past....people falling all over themselves to see and be seen acting like they have absolutely no control over their attractions......

I'd like to see how well that would go over in some of our states here in America....Texas, for example..... :lol:

:praying: for those who are possessed, seized by unclean spirits, and overcome with their lust......

What a disservice has been done to their eternal souls in light of the current climate.

I struggle to choose words, and then again, at this point, its not my I pray for anyone who would choose to stand above manmade rights and look to eternity with a (?).......

I know people who call me to talk politics and then when I mention the "element" of biblical prophecy towards what we see going on around us, they immediately get off the phone. Lately, our calls are fewer and further inbetween, and when they do happen, they are wrapped up in seconds and minutes. I refuse to "play the game" they begin with knowledge.....(fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge) .....or they continue in their current path. I pray for them, but I cannot engage myself in a conversation of hope on things that I know are false in nature and against what I know to be the truth.....

Over the easter holiday, one of my "friends" sent me an email that had a cartoon bunny and the statement "Everything I need to know I learned from the easter bunny." I knew what she meant.....I refrained from replying that Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge......but, in retrospect, I should have replied. Being nice and pc and not saying the truth when the opportunity presents is going to condemn people to hell.............................So, if they come my way, shouldn't I be bold enough to speak the truth, because I know it?

I hope I didn't derail this thread....just seems these issues flow together.....
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