Is this Maitreya? Share Inc. says he is!

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Is this Maitreya? Share Inc. says he is!

Postby WalkingWithJesus on Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:59 am

View the article here

Raj Patel’s desk sits in a dusty, cement-floored nook in his garage, just beyond a parked gray Prius, near the washer and dryer. They are humble surroundings for a god.

“It is absurd to be put in this position, when I’m just some bloke,” Mr. Patel said.

A native of London now living on Potrero Hill in San Francisco, Mr. Patel suddenly finds himself an unlikely object of worship, proclaimed the messiah Maitreya by followers of the New Age religious sect Share International.

He was raised as a Hindu and had never heard of the group. He has no desire for deification. But he may not have a choice.

Mr. Patel’s journey from ordinary person to unwilling lord is a case of having the wrong résumé at the wrong moment in history. For this is a time when human yearning to find a magical cure for the world’s woes can be harnessed to the digital age’s instant access to a vast treasure-trove of personal information.

I have known Mr. Patel for four years — he keeps an office down the hall from mine. He is charming, and as a graduate of Oxford, Cornell University and the London School of Economics, he is considered brilliant, although he is self-effacing. He readily admits to being imperfectly human.

Read the rest at the above article.

So if this is "Maitreya": ... -popup.jpg

What about this man, who Share originally said was him? They do not look like the same person to me. ... s_1988.jpg

It's just another new age cult, IMO.

This is Shares' latest video, where they claim he has stepped forward. By the article, it doesn't appear he stepped forward, but was declared a "God" from Benjamin Creme. What a joke!

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Re: Is this Maitreya? Share Inc. says he is!

Postby Vigilantius on Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:35 pm

Here is a follow up article with Ben Creme's reaction to his followers' hooplah:

Creme isn't
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Re: Is this Maitreya? Share Inc. says he is!

Postby Resurrection Torchlight on Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:18 am

here's something interesting,

Mr Creme says that it isn't his business to confirm or deny whether Raj Patel is or isn't Maitreya, yet it was his business to deny that Obama wasn't:

Q. A lot of people are saying that the new President Barack Obama, is Maitreya. Some question and answer sessions with Benjamin Creme infer Maitreya and Obama are two different people but that Obama may be especially open to Maitreya's ideals. Yet the most recent press releases advertising the emergence of Maitreya, his public talks about the economy and world ills sure tie in neatly with the emergence of the new President who is also talking about these same things. It is very easy to see why Obama is being seen as Maitreya by some people.
ould you comment please: (1) is Obama actually Maitreya ? Or (2) just inspired by Maitreya ?

A. (1) No, Mr Obama is absolutely not Maitreya.

(2) I doubt that Mr Obama has ever heard of Maitreya. He may well be inspired by the ideas which have emanated from Maitreya over the years. These have been articulated by Share International for many years and are now being repeated by more and more people as the economic crash, predicted by Maitreya long ago, becomes a reality. Maitreya has waited until now to come forward openly because only now has the impending crash come to fruition, thus bringing many people – one of them, hopefully, Mr Obama – to see the reality of the need to change direction.

It's interesting to me that Creme is unwilling to confirm or deny this guy, but absolutely thought it was his business to deny that Obama was. Also Patel's answer to the whole thing seems odd, he denie's that he's the Messiah, but then compares himself to Brian in the "life of Brian" movie. Who everyone believes is the messiah and in the end he gets crucified. So is he saying he is a reluctant messiah??? Also he does not deny being the Maitreya. What he might be saying is he is not Jesus. In New Age teaching these are two different masters- Maitreya the Christ and the Master Jesus.

Though I followed the link in the article of the telephone interview and in it he says that Patel is five years too old to be Maitreya, who should then be 33, Hmmmm.... the same age as Jesus when he began his ministry??

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Re: Is this Maitreya? Share Inc. says he is!

Postby Mttw633 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:36 am

here's an update: ... amin-creme

I like this part:

"They think it's hilarious," he said. "My parents came to visit recently, and they brought clothes that said 'he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy'. To them, it's just amusing."
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