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Whatever Works - Paul Proctor

Postby Abiding in His Word on Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:40 am


n another Associated Press article, Pastor Walter Hallam of The Abundant Life Christian Center in La Marque, Texas told the Galveston County Daily News "We want to do something to have a positive effect on people's lives." So, his church held two free drawings – one for a new P.T. Cruiser (for women) and another for a Harley Davidson Sportster (for men). Each member won an entry to the drawings every time he or she attended church services in the weeks preceding it. If they brought visitors with them, they received two entries for the car or motorcycle. How’s that for pragmatism? The Lord gave us cars and motorcycles; so He obviously wants us to bring people into the Kingdom with them, right?

USA Today reported that Baptist Bishop Fred Caldwell of Greenwood Acres Full Gospel Church in Greenwood, Louisiana, offered white people $5 an hour in August, if they would attend Sunday services and $10 an hour for attending Thursdays. Now that’s putting the Lord’s money to work for evangelism, don’t you think? He gave us money – so why not use it to lure our prospects in and promote racial harmony?

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