Iranian troops advance towards Israeli border

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Iranian troops advance towards Israeli border

Postby Ready1 on Mon Mar 30, 2015 3:30 pm

The Israeli army sees Iran and its proxies as a greater threat than Isis or al-Qaeda Baz Ratner/Reuters

Baz Ratner/Reuters
Nicholas Blanford,Tom Coghlan and Sara Elizabeth Williams

Published at 12:01AM, March 30 2015

Iran is close to putting its forces on Israel’s northeast border for the first time, as its allies crush rebel groups in the Golan Heights area of Syria.

The prospect of Iranian troops being posted on a frontier that has been calm for decades is causing alarm in Israel, and comes as international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear ambitions near a climax.

“Iran will be so close to the Israelis that it will no longer need long-range missiles to hit them,” said Abu Ali, a fighter with Lebanon’s Iranian-backed Hezbollah organisation who has served multiple combat tours in Syria.
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