European Neighborhood Policy to be examined

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European Neighborhood Policy to be examined

Postby BryanB on Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:59 am

Recent events require a ‘fundamental review’ of a policy last examined in 2011

Brussels, March 4, 2015 — High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the Commission Federica Mogherini and Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn are launching today a consultation on the future of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP).

The ENP was last reviewed in 2011. Given the significant developments in the neighborhood since then, it is now essential to undertake a fundamental review of the principles on which the policy is based as well as its scope and how its instruments should be used.

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Re: European Neighborhood Policy to be examined

Postby GodsStudent on Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:14 pm

:hehe: Will be interesting to see what they come up with.
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Re: European Neighborhood Policy to be examined

Postby BryanB on Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:11 pm

Maybe this is just a coincidence, but the former High Representative chaired a committee that has some recommendations for the current High Representative.

He would be doing things differently if he still held the job.
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Re: European Neighborhood Policy to be examined

Postby Mr Baldy on Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:15 pm

BryanB wrote:Maybe this is just a coincidence, but the former High Representative chaired a committee that has some recommendations for the current High Representative.

But Of course he does - he still desires the job. And there are no "coincidences". Amazing that Ashton has left, and no one has heard a peep from her since.

BryanB wrote:He would be doing things differently if he still held the job.

Has anyone considered that the very reason why all the signs that originally pointed to this man is because they may still be viable? Why is he still poking his nose into the affairs of the High Representative? Why can't he just let the authority that he once had - if he's "retired" alone?

Well.....I have a theory on why Javier Solana just won't GO AWAY - as it relates to the High Representatives Office. Revelation 13:5 speaks of the Beast who will be given "Authority to Continue" for 42 months. 2 Thessalonians 2:6 speaks about the "man of lawlessness" being revealed at the proper time. With all of the previous "roads signs" could all of the information that continues to come forth be pointing to him once again?

Well I guess only time will tell........

Great find BryanB!
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Re: European Neighborhood Policy to be examined

Postby eschologizer on Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:42 pm

Good afternoon everyone.

Very good find Bryan B. I noticed this as well after seeing Javier Solana in the Wall Street Journal this week, calling for a new "European Defence Union" (EDU) similar to the EMU (European Monetary Union) which they have worked on establishing as well recently.

That report you link to is an absolute treasure trove as far as prophecy is concerned. It advocates for a central military command Headquarters in Brussels, among a myriad of other things. It also calls for rapid response military force to used to maintain stability in the neighborhood (the region of which are members of the 7 year ENI program).

Javier Solana was the author of the original European Security Strategy - A Secure Europe in a Better World (2003). In this new document, which they have worked on for months, they call for a new European Security Strategy. How convenient then, they release this paper right when Mogherini is calling for the review of the ESS, because Solana's paper was good but outdated. How convenient, that this paper itself seems like a great ESS as it is! It's longer than the original ESS and follows a loosely similar structure (identifies the threats, then moves on to the solution as EU as the main actor). Both Mogherini's call for an ESS, Solana's ESS in 2003, and the new paper, say that the EU should build security in the neighborhood. Mogherini and the Solana document use oddly similar jargon and phrases when describing their plans for the neighborhood.

At the presentation in Brussels at the CEPS thinktank, Solana and his team presented their findings. I don't know if there is video of this event (if there was, I'd love to have it). But the CEPS thinktank twitter page put some notable quotes from the team, and I found something rather astounding Solana said at the event:

'@javiersolana: "I will put all of the energies that I have left to push forward this process" of European defence integration #CEPSDefence

I realized something a few days ago, that many of you already knew.

The only reason we don't believe in "Full blown" Solana theory is simply the fact that he "retired." The 7 year ENPI was not originally confirmed by him, he was not legally connected to the documents which confirm the ENP for seven years. He played a big role in helping make the ENP, but the High Representative was not named coordinator of the 7 year ENPI until 2010 (Decision 2010/427/EU), right after he retired. Before then, the ENPI was a Commission thing.

Now, the High Representative is a Commissioner herself. Since then, the ENP staff and EU commissioner have been gradually placed under the authority of the HR, so much so that Mogherini is now cluster president of all the external action commissioners, including the ENP commissioner. It seems Daniel 9:27 remains unfulfilled, because the man who came up among a 10 nation alliance and humbled three in the negotiations with Iran never confirmed the ENP for seven years...... If Solana returns in 2019 and confirms the ENPI for seven years, it will be a better fulfillment of the prophecy than the first ENP theory was, since the HR is now in leadership over the 7 year ENI.

Recently, in the course of researching the High Representative and the Big Three, I encountered a book about EU Foreign policy. In it, I found this quote. And you know what? What I found at the end was entirely an accident:

"Dr. Solana also became, together with the Big Three states of France, the United Kingdom, and Germany, a major mediator in Europe's relations with Iran since 2004. He presented the following three advantages. Internally to the EU, he represented all EU states, and not just the Big Three. This was a major issue for small states, which asked for the inclusion of the High Representative in the negotiations (Sauer 2007,10). In Iran itself, he was seen as a neutral actor as opposed to a negative actor such as the United States (Chubin, 2006, 66)." (emphasis added),+66&source=bl&ots=P4ly6llR1z&sig=kuDE0VQJXo9KjQXY4mjy3KxXqnc&hl=en&sa=X&ei=3bIEVa28DIGXNvDSgaAJ&ved=0CB8Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Chubin%202006%2C%2066&f=false

The man is quite old (72). And will be very old at the midpoint of the next seven year treaty. This is a strike against the theory. But then again, Revelation 17 strongly implies the Antichrist will be demon possessed in part of his tenure, which enables his supposed, but fraudulent "resurrection" after a mortal wound.

The fact we suppose Javier will return to office is a little bit "ad hoc." Ad hoc is Latin meaning "for this." It's basically something you throw out there to prop up a theory. For example, the idea that Jesus had a twin brother who faked his resurrection is "ad hoc," because we haven't any ancient documents or literature to support the idea that Jesus had any extra brothers, let alone a twin the disciples didn't know about. This is an example of an ad hoc theory. It works great in other criteria of good theories, but it is entirely "contrived" to prop up the theory that Jesus didn't resurrect.

Solana theory is relatively "simple" and has "explanatory power" and is "falsifiable" at least to an extent. However, no theory is perfect and it seems this one hurts in the "ad hoc" department.

But how badly does it hurt in that department?

It's only ad hoc if we didn't expect it. Which we didn't. But in all Bible prophecy (past present and future), it seems the prophecies have "flawless execution," with one exception. Though they always have flawless execution, timing issues are where they don't necessarily seem that way until after the fact. Many of you might be familiar with the term the "mountain peaks" of prophecy. In the text, various prophecies sound like they are really close together. A perfect example are prophecies about the Messiah. But the mountain peaks principle says that major events are like the mountain peaks which the prophets describe, but they didn't see the large valley's in between. This principle of mountain peaks is active in many areas of prophecy (the first and second coming of the Messiah, the revival of the Roman Empire, and to an extent, the rebirth of Israel).

Daniel 7 compresses a lot of time into one chapter. It doesn't at all imply a 2000 year gap between Roman Empire phase 1, and Roman Empire phase 2. Daniel 2 implies two stages, but certainly not that far apart. Daniel 7 reads rather easily when referring to Solana, and ironically, he's the only one who can actually qualify for those prophecies in the EU, if we use a natural reading of the text. Lately, I have been interpreting the vision of the horns to be about the High Representative office and the ten horns. Does not read as "simply" as it could with that interpretation. Solana theory makes it read simpler. In fact, with the dissolution of the WEU, it effectively makes it as if Solana is the only one that actually fits the prophecy, without straining the text.

Daniel 7 doesn't tell us the Antichrist takes a break for 10 years. (If you think about it, the idea that the Antichrist retires seems like a silly youth group skit). But Daniel 7 doesn't tell us about another huge gap, between Roman Empire 1 and Roman Empire 2. The prophecies about Jesus don't tell us about a huge 2000 year gap either (at least not obviously enough that we would assume it). Jesus Christ fulfilled half the prophecies about him, then went away for 2000 years. We have faith he will fulfill the other half at his second coming.

The theory is a little ad hoc (no theory is perfect). But right now, I think its better than the idea I used to subscribe to, a mere few days ago. My previous interpretation would require a reading of the vision in Daniel 7 as having a slightly different meaning than the interpretation (the vision describes the offices, the interpretation, the Antichrist). While a tolerable but admittedly strained interpretation, Solana strains it less.

He is the only one who even CAN qualify, on a natural reading of the text. He is the only man to have ever held the post. He is the only one to be HR and simultaneously WEU Secretary General. The WEU is gone now, so it really pushes it to say the Antichrist comes now, because they are in a 28 configuration now. He also in a very distinct way, humbled the Big Three. Though the Big Three live on and resist EU foreign policy during the Ashton era, Solana very much humbled or put down three. Nobody else can say that about themselves. And to top it all off, all the other HR's are women! Hard to be a "man" of lawlessness if you are female!

Many of you already realized this. And for a while, I had been waiting for another man to come to this office, thinking maybe he would be the AC.

We search in vain.

No one else is coming.
"for they themselves report what kind of reception you gave us. They tell how you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God, and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead—Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath." 1 Thessalonians 1:9-10
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