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How to avoid a mid-life faith crisis - Holly

Postby Abiding in His Word on Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:58 pm

How to avoid a mid-life faith crisis

Recently I talked with a nice, Christian lady, in her mid-30s, who confided in me that–even though she’s been a Christian her entire life–she started having doubts about her faith. When confronted with intellectual challenges she had never considered before, she began to wonder if her Christian belief had been based on blind faith–without any solid reasons to believe it’s true. She felt like her world was crumbling around her.

This lady is not alone. The other day I came across an apologetics blog written by another Christian lady, named Alisa Childers, with a similar experience. Read her story. She, too, was in her mid-30s when she encountered questions she didn’t know how to answer and had a crisis of faith.

And last weekend, my husband, who is a pastor, gave a talk about evidence for the resurrection to some of the third- through sixth-grade-aged children at our church. After the talk, a high school student, who had been in the room listening, told my husband, “I wish someone had told me about that evidence when I was their age.”

Why do I share these stories? Because there is a pressing need for Christians to know that there are sound reasons to believe that the claims of Christianity are true. And I also share these stories because I’m passionately concerned that God’s people have a robust theology, sound Bible interpretation, and skills in contending for the Christian faith that “was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3). My critiques of the New Apostolic Reformation are an outworking of my love for those things.

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