Moscow is sending up to 100,000 troops to NATO's border

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Moscow is sending up to 100,000 troops to NATO's border

Postby brett on Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:02 am

Moscow is sending up to 100,000 troops to NATO's border

Moscow is assembling up to 100,000 troops for a massive deployment along NATO borders, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

The buildup is part of a military exercise called Zapad, or Russian for “west,” which is held every four years, according to the Washington Post. This year it will be held in Belarus, the Baltic Sea, parts of western Russia, and Kaliningrad, the New York Times said.

Moscow, however, told NATO that less than 13,000 troops would take part in the exercise, according to The Times. It also said that observers would be allowed if it exceeded that number, abiding by the Vienna document, a Cold War-era treaty that requires observers for exercises involving more than 13,000 troops.

“First and foremost, the messaging is, ‘We’re watching you; we’re strong; we’ve learned a lot; don’t mess with Russia,'” retired US Army Gen, Peter B. Zwack, a former defence attache in Moscow, told The Times.

“People are worried this is a Trojan horse,” US Army Gen. Ben Hodges told Reuters in July. “They say, ‘We’re just doing an exercise,’ and then all of a sudden they have moved all these people and capabilities somewhere.” ... XQE4QqS.99
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