Expect the ‘longest economic expansion’ since WWII

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Expect the ‘longest economic expansion’ since WWII

Postby Exit40 on Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:21 am

Expect the ‘longest economic expansion’ since WWII, says economist
Don't hold your breath for a recession anytime soon, says Cushman & Wakefield's global chief economist

Key Takeaways

Kevin Thorpe, global chief economist at Cushman & Wakefield, thinks there's little cause to worry about a recession in the next couple of years.

Consumer confidence is high, and although the government is experiencing gridlock in Washington, D.C., Thorpe expects at least a few of President Trump's financial policies to pass.

There's a labor shortage that's more acute than we've seen in years, and office space is being overbuilt.

DENVER — “This is going to be the longest economic expansion in the post-World-War-II era,” stated Kevin Thorpe, the global chief economist at Cushman & Wakefield....


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Re: Expect the ‘longest economic expansion’ since WWII

Postby GodsStudent on Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:47 am

This is in complete contrast to the other thread we have going on at this very time which has the economic trend forecasters stating we could be thrown into the worst recession in a very long time. See a link to that thread here:


I point this out because it's absolutely absurd that the "popular" trend forecasters and economy watchers and people supposedly having a grip on the subject and understanding it well enough to advise others are all so far apart in their "understanding and ability to call the climate in the economy."

Only one of these "groups" can be right about what they're calling for. If a horrible recession is coming then a long economic expansion and consumer confidence period can't be right. How people would run their businesses.....expand if in retail or pull back, for example, would sharply be impacted by the results here, one way or another. Also, pulling back resources and hunkering down would be appropriate if a recession is coming....because in a recession, resources and goods mean more stability...and if we've spent our money on goods that wont sell (again, if a retailer), then we wont have spent it on goods that would prop us up in the event of a downturn.

You know, the only sure thing anyone can do to be "ok" is to trust in the Lord that He will provide for us. That's the "take home" I get out of all of this. I see and hear what all the "people who supposedly get it and understand the current economic climate" are saying, but......when these folks are from one end of the spectrum to the other, how could we judge who is right and who is wrong? Do we go with the one who sounds like they know what they're talking about? Is it the suit and tie we follow? If someone "got it right in the past" is that enough for us to rely on?

For me....nah......my well being must be predicted by the Lord, and it already has.....in scripture.

Reading these headlines from various people can give me ulcers for worrying if I let it.
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