Link to Herb's '05 DVD, Stay Tuned! (w/transcript)

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Link to Herb's '05 DVD, Stay Tuned! (w/transcript)

Postby nonymouse on Wed Aug 01, 2007 10:35 am


(See four posts below, dated 03/30/08, for transcript.)
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Postby bchandler on Wed Aug 01, 2007 9:57 pm

To whom it may concern...

It should be possible to burn ISO images of all of Herb's CD/DVD's and post them on the web site...

This will allow any1 to download and play/burn the disk images. It means Herb's ministry no longer needs to pay shipping to send them out and any1 who wants to can make and distribute copies... under your licensing terms.

I can help with this if you need/wouldlike assistance.

But most people these days know how to create a disk image/ISO for duplication purposes... and most people with burners know how to burn disks from an iso image.

Doing this would save people and the ministry a lot of time and money.

Just PM me if you would like to discuss it.
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Postby Sunny on Mon Aug 06, 2007 11:17 pm

I just finished watching Herb's presentation.

It is sobering and has the profound ring of truth. I wish that it could be broadcast in its entirety in every church in this country.

I also watched the presentation that BB posted a link to the other day.

And it was so special to me to hear Herb's voice after reading his writings for so long! :)
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Postby nonymouse on Tue Aug 07, 2007 12:31 pm

Thought you might also be interested in the recently updated info. on how to obtain a DVD or CD of the 2005 presentation, Sunny (although free, believe it costs Holly and Adam between $3-$4 each to produce and ship):

Hope it's helpful.

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Postby nonymouse on Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:25 pm

Transcript of Herb’s 2005 DVD, “Stayed Tuned”


Herb’s Testimony:

1) It’s a tough act to follow Constance, but we’ll see what we can do. You know, Bible prophecy has been important to me because I had doubts when I was young. I grew up in a Christian home and I had doubts. I had the doubts that young people have when they are “born in the faith,” in a sense, but you know, God has no grandchildren. We all have to be born again. And I had those questions that, of all the religions in the world, how is it that I happened to be born into the right one? So I had these doubts, and when I went to high school, in the science books, they showed the pictures of the evolution of man. I remember sitting there and looking at these various stages of the evolution of man and thinking to myself, “if this is true, the Bible is a lie.” I was going to school. My parents sent me to school. It’s expected to go to school, and the school that we’re told to go to, to learn from, is telling us this. So, who’s right? Is science right, or is this faith that people, I thought, forced themselves to believe in, is that right? And so I had serious doubts.

And, of course, then when the sixties came along, you had all this experimentation and you had a serious look at the Eastern religions and these various things that occurred. And I was pretty much into that. There was a mystery thing there. There was something happening. There was something happening in the streets. There was a search that was occurring. I was a part of that search. I was curious. I had this wonder to me about what’s occurring. Through this all, things went downward for me. I ended up dropping out of school and running with the wrong crowd. I ended up pretty much coming to the end of myself and faced with myself. I came to the point where, because of the things that I’d seen, some things I saw in the sixties, I came to the point where I had no trouble believing anymore that the devil existed. And because I believed the devil existed, I assumed God existed. I only had one problem. How do you get from point a, the devil exists, to point b, where God is? How do I get from where I am, to where God is? After all, I didn’t really believe the Bible literally.

Until my sister brought me a book, Hal Lindsey’s, The Late Great Planet Earth. And I read that book. And I didn’t agree with everything I read in the book. I didn’t have to, what I noticed was something big. I noticed that Hal Lindsey was talking about geo-political realities. Really big issues. We’re talking about big things, not little things. We’re talking about the return of Israel. We’re talking about the revival of the Roman Empire. We’re talking about things that I can see, that are in the Bible, that are in the world. And I became convinced that the Bible must be true. Because what I saw was the rebirth of Israel. It was foretold by the prophets. And I saw the Roman Empire coming back in the European Community, at that time. And so, it was through Bible prophecy that I started trusting in the Bible as the Word of God. And through that, I experienced the salvation that is in Jesus Christ. And that started a long interest for me in Bible prophecy.

When I went into the work force, I continued wanting to serve, somehow, the Lord. In time, I ended up writing newspaper columns. I was wanting to bear fruit for Christ. Jesus said, “if you keep my words,” or “my words abide in you, ask me anything, ask me anything and I’ll do it that you’ll bear fruit, and so you prove to be my disciples.” I’m paraphrasing. It’s in John. But I took that literally. Here I was in the insurance business. I was hired to bear fruit for this company I worked for. I was thinking, as a Christian, that’s what we’re to do. Christ has hired us, called us, to bear fruit for Him. And then He’s given us a blank check. Just like in the insurance company. I had binding authority for the company. I could bind a risk for this insurance company. I could tell somebody they were covered and they were covered. Christ has given us this authority. Christ has given us binding authority. He’s given us authority and power and promises. Blank checks. What is it we need to bear fruit? What is it we need? “Ask, so you can prove to be my disciple.”

Ultimately, that’s where all this came from. That’s where my columns came from, my newspaper columns. That’s where Constance’s call came from. That’s where I believe my book came from and my website, And I’m going to share with you now, what I have.
(pic, Herb and Constance at table)

(End of Herb’s Testimony)


2) The Quartet, as you know, is the European Union, the United States, the United Nations and Russia, coming together to bring peace to the Middle East. On the internet, they call it the Quartet. Here you have the Quartet meeting just in September, last month, and you’ll notice what’s on the wall behind them. Friends, I believe the writing is on the wall. It’s the 60th anniversary of the Security Council sessions and so they put a six and a zero, on the globe. And they just happened to put three of them on the wall behind them. And what’s significant about this, it’s not just the number 666, or the international community. It’s that it has to do with the nation Israel. It has to do, if you look in Revelation, Chapter 13, you see a beast with ten horns coming up out of the sea. And at the end of chapter 13, it says, “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six.” So, what we’re talking about, again, is a geo-political reality of the international community forcing a peace on Israel. And, now again, associated with the number 666.
(pic., Quartet, 9/20/05, “Writing on the wall”)

3) What I’ve tried to do, you all remember if you’re my age, Sergeant Joe Friday. Dragnet. And he’d be talking to a woman, a lady, or a gal, or someone, or somebody, that would get carried away with the subject matter. And he would interrupt her, or him, and say, “Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.” And really, that’s what I’m trying to do up here, right now. I like to consider myself an end times investigative reporter. When I was a columnist, I enjoyed prophecy. And when you right a book, you have to document what you write. You have to have footnotes. So I was careful to be able to document what I wrote and try to keep my own speculations out of the picture. And you know, God has given us certain facts.
(pic., Dragnet, “Just the facts, ma’am”)

4) Like I say, I like to consider myself an end times reporter. Just the facts, friends. Yeah, it’s the same picture that I talked about before.
(pic., End Time Reporter)

5) Before I published my book, I drew this up. And if you’ve read my book, you know I talked about what I call prophetic road signs. In other words, there are, in Bible prophecy, there are some road signs that have been given to us. Events that have occurred that no one will deny that they’ve occurred. Historic events. Historic events that happen to be fulfilled in Bible prophecy. Then, of course, we have details in prophecy. Look at the Book of Revelation. We have a lot of difficult things to understand. And, I don’t think we should spend a lot of attention on these side issues. I mean, we read about them, we study them. But we need to look at the road signs. We need to look at the things that have happened, that are historic events and have been fulfilled in scripture. And if we keep our eyes on these road signs, then we can fill in the gaps. But those road signs help us to stay on the right course. And, if you notice what I wrote here is, you notice on the left that there it says, “Israel is reborn in 1948.” That was the first major road sign of end times Bible prophecy. The prophecies could not be fulfilled, in Daniel, until Israel was reborn. Nothing could happen until Israel was reborn.

And when you hear someone say, “Oh, it’s always been like that, people have always said that the time of the end was here.” But wait a minute. How could it be here, and Israel not be here? Now many people say, and it was mentioned earlier, how, like Peter said and the early disciples said, “The end is at hand.” Well, why could they say that back then? The reason is, because at the time, Israel existed. Not only that, Rome existed. So, it just stands to reason that they thought the rest of the prophecies were going to be fulfilled. It just stands to reason, when you think about it. I mean, if we lived back then, with Israel there, Rome there, wouldn’t you think that the next thing would be the ten kings, and the antichrist? And so, they assumed it was about to happen. Of course, Israel ceased to exist in 70 A.D. And so, because of that, you find all kinds of different ideas on how the prophecies are going to be fulfilled, “Well, of course, it can’t be literal, Israel doesn’t exist.” And so, we have all these other ways of looking at Bible prophecy that ensued.

And that is what is so significant about 1948. When Israel was reborn as a nation in 1948, that just silenced, I believe, all the other ways of looking at prophecy. My opinion. And brought us back. Now we can say, literally, that the prophecies will be fulfilled just like they were written.

In 1950, a man, the Schumann Declaration, a Frenchman, by the name of Robert Schumann, issued the Schumann Declaration, which is, today, considered by many the beginning of the modern European Union, or the revival of the Roman Empire. Interesting how it happened just after Israel was reborn.

Think about prophecy in Revelation, Chapter 12, “A great sign appeared, a woman clothed with the sun, the moon and the stars.” And then another sign, a dragon. See, that’s the way it is. Look all through the Bible. Isn’t that what it’s about? God’s nation. And Satan’s nations, working through the gentile nations against God’s nation. The heads of the dragon. Isn’t that the way it’s always been? When God starts to work with His people, Satan comes up on the scene. The moment Israel was reborn, the Roman Empire, the head of the dragon, appears. Another great sign. We have these great signs in our lifetime. All right. First then, we had the Six-Day War. Israel recovered the Temple Mount, East Jerusalem. I believe that is a prophetic road sign.
(pic., Prophetic Road Signs)

6) Another one that I think has been overlooked, that I talked about in my book, is an election that occurred in 1992, when Rabin, Yitzhak Rabin, was elected Prime Minister of Israel. I believe Israel started saying, “peace and safety.” The people of Israel gave up on the conservative, “Not negotiating with Arabs (stance).” And they became so desperate they decided, “Okay, we’re going to start trading land for peace.” And I believe the historic moment in history is that election, right there. When the Israeli people started doing that, it was a shift in Israel, their foreign policy. And then in 1995, another interesting thing happened. The Western European Union (WEU) became ten nations. Now wait a minute. We have the one great sign of Israel returning. What’s to happen next? The dragon, the Revived Roman Empire. What’s to happen next? The ten nations. It happened. Now, what’s to happen next?

We should expect someone to come up among those ten nations. Some kind of office to be created. That happened. Constance talked about it. The first Mr. Europe appeared in 1999.

Interestingly, of course, then we have the collapse of the American peace process. That’s when the Intifada started in September of 2000. That’s going to be interesting. We’ll be getting into that.

And then, we have this Mr. Europe given emergency powers and it is done with the document that has the number 666. The number of his power. The number of his name. So people would say, “The number of his name.” It can also mean authority, the number of his authority. Constance brought up, there’s another document, when his office was created, where his authority, whoever occupies this office, will have the authority of the multiple European Union nations. The number of his authority. It’s scary to think of it that way, but it is a possibility.
(pic., close-up of Road Signs)

7) Just so you know where I’m coming from, I’m not a Bible scholar. I don’t claim to be. I’m not introducing some new way to interpret prophecy. I’m just like you. I was raised with various views on prophecy. Perhaps this is one of the books that has molded me the most, Clarence Larkin. And it wasn’t just me. This book was published in 1918 and behind many of your Bible prophecy people today, like Hal Lindsey, probably Tim La Haye, many of them, you are going to see them quoting the work of this man, Clarence Larkin, that goes back to 1918. Dispensational Truth, is what it is called.
(pic., Dispensational Truth, Larkin, 1918)

8) So I’m not, the reason I point this out is, I’m not out in some new way to interpret the Bible and prophecy. Wilmington’s Guide to the Bible. Then you have J. Dwight Pentecost, past president of Dallas Theological Seminary. And then you have John Walvoord, another past president of Dallas Theological Seminary. They are all building a lot on Clarence Larkin. And I’ve been a studier of these people.
(pic., books by Wilmington and Pentecost)

9) And then, of course, you have what made this all popular. Hal Lindsey’s, The Late Great Planet Earth. That was published in 1969. This was the book that really, for a lot of us, really got us started in Bible prophecy and like I shared with you, this is the one that overcame the hurdles that I had about believing the Bible.
(pic., The Late Great Planet Earth, Lindsey)

10) This book was republished and republished and republished. Number one best seller on the New York list and now it’s considered a Christian classic. That’s how big that book got.
(pic., 3 copies of The Late Great Planet Earth)

11) Hal Lindsey wrote something interesting, World Net Daily, in his commentary. He titled it “Late Great Planet Earth Revisited.” This was on December 16, 2004. What was he talking about?
(pic., "Late Great Planet Earth Revisited")

12) He was talking about the information that is in my book, what I focus on in my book. And finally, this information started getting out. Hal Lindsey talked about the ten nations, the Western European Union (WEU), Recommendation 666, and Javier Solana. So, when Hal Lindsey started talking about this, it brought a lot of credibility to my website. A lot of hits to my website.
(pic., Recommendation 666, Herb's book)

13) Here’s another number one best seller, that has helped me a lot. I don’t know if you guys know this person, her name is Constance Cumbey. She wrote a number one best seller. I heard she was here tonight. This book, last I know, it is still selling. It was published in what, 1983. That thing is still selling. How many books do you know that were published in 1983 that are still selling? This lady is sitting here, right now. (Applause)
(pic., The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow)

14) This is basically the way I was trying to report the facts, at And you notice on the top right. It says, “Read Herb’s book here.” I put my book up for free. I couldn’t get people to buy it so I just put it up for free.
(pic., website)

15) Here you have Constance Cumbey’s blogspot, up there. And I decided to use her name to make me look good. That blogspot has really taken off.
(pic., FP website, w/link to Constance Cumbey’s website)

16) Here is the blogspot. You notice, though, what it says where the arrow is? “You might not have permission, the credentials you supplied.” So, I guess she doesn’t want me to go there. But I thought I would show that to you. (Laughter)
(pic., Constance Cumbey’s website)

17) Here is basically the foundation to the approach that I have and many of these people that I’ve talked about, Walvoord, Dallas Theological Seminary. Basically, you can encapsulate all the prophecies in the dream that a king by the name of Nebuchadnezzar had -- if I can say his name -- found in Daniel, Chapter 2. This guy was lying on his bed, thinking about the future, and God gave him dreams. So God was interested in Babylon’s foreign policy here, and politics. He was giving this king dreams. But he can’t understand what he dreams. And, of course, the Prophet Daniel, God gives Daniel the dream so he can interpret it to this king. What the king saw was this image. It was a great image. It looked like a statue and it had a head of gold; it had arms and chest of silver; it had a waist and belly of brass; it had legs of iron; and feet and toes, of iron and clay.

And as you read in chapter 2 of Daniel, it’s interpreted for us. We find that Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon represented the head of gold. And after him would come another kingdom, inferior, the Medo-Persian Kingdom. Then after that, you would have Greece, the Kingdom of Greece. Then after that you would have, it turns out, the Roman Empire. Of course, that hadn’t happened yet. Again, this was done at the time of Babylon. But now we look back at history and that’s what we have.

What’s more profound, how about the feet of iron and clay? Mixture of iron and clay. Some weak and some strong. Some brittle. Bound together by the seed of men. But they will not adhere to each other. Isn’t that what we have in the European Union? They couldn’t even get their Constitution passed. Constance brings that out a lot. They will not adhere to each other. Constance constantly would tell me about, say that, on the phone, about the Constitution. They won’t adhere to each other. They haven’t, have they? They refuse to adhere to each other but they are still bound together by the seed of men. What does that mean? Their common heritage. They will tell you this over and over again in their speeches, the leaders of Europe, “It’s our common heritage that brings us together.” The seed of men. How did the Bible know that? I don’t understand how the Bible knew that.
(pic., Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and statue, Daniel, Chapter 2)

18) The Prophet Daniel, later, he had his own vision of the future. But God showed Daniel the vision of the future a little differently than he showed the pagan king. Instead of showing a beautiful image of a statue, he showed wild beasts coming up out of the sea. So, evidently, God sees governments like beasts. Things that need to be kept restrained. There is great wisdom in this. And what Daniel saw was four beasts coming up out of the sea.

And, of course, the first was Babylon, then Medo-Persia, then Greece, then Rome. Now, Rome, we know now, there’s only going to be four world empires that are going to arise. We also know this has to do with Israel. Prophecy, Bible prophecy, has to do with the nation Israel. God picked a people to reveal himself through. It’s not that they are extra special, or anything like that, fortunately. Otherwise, why would He ever pick us? But God, for His choice, for His reasons. We don’t know why. In His wisdom, He picked the people, the Hebrew people, the Jews, the children of Israel. And He declared, from ancient times through this people, “I’m going to reveal myself to the world.” And that’s what He is doing. Now, we can argue with it. We can say, “That’s not politically right.” We can do all we want with it. Doesn’t matter. It’s in our face. God is revealing Himself through Israel and the geo-political realities surrounding Israel.

And the fourth beast, Daniel describes this way, “A fourth beast, dreadful and terrifying, and extremely strong, and it had large iron teeth. It devoured and crushed and trampled down the remainder with its feet.” It’s talking about the remainder of the other kingdoms. The Roman Empire did that. And it was different from all the beasts that were before it. The Roman Empire was, and specifically, the European Union is. They love to tell you that, “This is different from anything the world has ever seen before, the European Union. There’s never been anything on earth like it before, ever.” “And it had ten horns.” So, this beast has power. This beast comes up, has horns, it has power. The European Union has a military wing called the Western European Union (WEU). Ten nations. Members of NATO.
(pic., Daniel’s night vision, Daniel 7:7)

19) “While I was contemplating the horns, behold another horn, a little one, came up among them and three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots before it.” Ouch. In another place, it says “subdued.” It says three kings are subdued. What’s fascinating about the Book of Daniel, is not only are we given prophecies and these strange creatures, but God, Himself, interprets it later. An angel comes and we have the interpretation. So now we can use this interpretation of these images. And we can use what we learn from that to interpret the Book of Revelation and the things that follow. God gave us the keys. Prophecy is not as difficult as, it’s difficult, no, it is difficult, it’s for those who study, and who read and pray, but it’s not too difficult. It’s like anything you learn in school. If you build your foundation, you have the keys. God gave us that. Because God gave us the interpretation to these things, we have no business not being able to interpret what comes. Why? Because God, in Daniel, gave us the interpretations of the Book of Revelation, as meant to be interpreted by understanding the Book of Daniel.
(pic., Daniel’s night vision, Daniel 7:8)

20) What’s this guy going to do? “And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week.” In another place, it says -- this is the New American Standard translation -- another place, it says, “He will confirm a covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week, he will put a stop to the sacrifice and grain offerings.” Does that mean that the temple is going to be rebuilt? “And on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until the complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate.” It is my personal view the entire end time scenario is in this one verse. Jesus refers to the verse when the disciples ask Jesus -- He said the temple is going to be destroyed and not one stone be left on another -- and they ask Him, “When will these things be, and what will be the sign of your coming?” And He said, “When you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the Prophet Daniel.” He was referring to this verse. This is the verse Jesus, Himself, is referring to. It’s an important verse. Again, you see a seven-year time period. It’s called the 70th week of Daniel. In another place we learn, in the middle of this seven-year period, there’s going to be a disruption of the sacrifice and grain offerings. So it only has to do with Israel. It has to do with the temple. And then we know a destruction is going to come.
(pic., A covenant with many, Daniel 9:27)

21) This isn’t taught this way, much. But I think it’s a mistake not to, it’s just my personal opinion. Revelation, Chapter 12, “And a great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” In my opinion, this is a reference to the appearance of Israel. And to be real specific, it’s not just national Israel, by itself. It’s also, we’re talking here about the “bleeding remnant” of national Israel. It’s a mistake to look at just the Jewish people and their nation and recognize them as God’s people, but then start thinking that they are right with God. They aren’t, unless they accept Christ as their Messiah. They are saved the same way we are and we are saved the same way they are, it’s through bowing our knee to our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other way.
(pic., Our first great sign, Rev. 12:1)

22) Israel was reborn in 1948. Our first great sign. What happened next?
(pic., Israel’s flag, 1948)

23) Our second sign. “And another sign appeared in heaven, and behold, a great, red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns and on his head were seven diadems, or crowns.” The Revived Roman Empire, or the European Union. It has come on the scene. The sequence is there.
(pic., Our second great sign, Rev. 12:3)

24) I couldn’t help but put the picture of that little girl up. That’s when the European Union became 25 nations and I caught that picture and I thought, that’s how I am, that’s how all of us are, just in wonder, “What’s going, what’s going on here, how’s it going to affect me? How’s it going to affect us?” You can just see it in her eyes.
(pic., little girl, Revived Roman Empire)

25) Here’s your Roman Empire as it was in its heyday. You notice how it covers the upper part of Africa. All around. The Mediterranean Sea was a Roman sea. So that’s what we’re to be expecting with the revival of the Roman Empire.
(pic., map of the Roman Empire)

26) Charlemagne, of course, was the first successful, almost, attempt at reviving the Roman Empire. And in Europe today they give an award to the European who has done the most to revive the Roman Empire. It’s called the Charlemagne Prize, or the Charlemagne Award. And it’s to be given to the European, like I say, that does the most to revive the Roman Empire.
(pic., Charlemagne)

27) Here we have the man who received the Charlemagne Award in June of 2000, President Bill Clinton. Why was he given the Charlemagne Award? That’s what we’re going to be showing here, because he did do a lot. And that’s what Constance was talking about. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always kind of liked Bill Clinton. I shouldn’t, I guess, but I always have. And it’s not him, either. It’s like Constance brought out. She showed how the Republicans are being snookered the same way. I’ll be showing you this. Both the Republican and Democrats are being snookered, very much, by a man by the name of Javier Solana, right now.
(pic., Pres. Clinton)

28) Here’s the European Union, their flag.
(pic., EU flag)

29) This is the map, as it is right now. It doesn’t cover, yet, the Mediterranean but they are working on it. It’s called the European Neighbourhood Policy.
(pic., yellow and blue map of Europe)

30) The European Neighbourhood is the dream of a man, by the name of Javier Solana, to extend the benefits of the European Union to non-European Union member states. Specifically, the Mediterranean nations, including Israel and the Palestinian Authority. It includes action plans and Israel was the first nation to sign its action plan, under the European Neighbourhood Policy. You wonder, “What’s going on behind the peace process? Why is Sharon doing what he is doing? Why are the Palestinians, and the Arabs, suddenly trying to get in line?” Because, this is a big pie. Everybody wants a part of this pie. This is Javier Solana’s way. In American, we have hard power. We use our military machine to establish security and peace. The European Union doesn’t have that. What do they have? It’s called euros. It’s money. They are buying their security. They are offering this big pie. This lucrative market. Israel’s biggest trading partner already is Europe.
(pic., Including the 17 nations in the European Neighbourhood Policy)

31) But where are the ten horns?
(pic., same)

32) In 1995, as we’ve been saying, when Greece became a full member of the Western European Union (WEU), the Western European Union became an alliance of ten nations.
(pic., WEU)

33) These are the ten nations, right here. You have Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.
(pic., ten-member states)

34) Are these the ten horns? If so, where is the little horn? When I saw these nations, I started looking.
(pic., former w/overlay, Where is the little horn?)

35) On November 19, 1999, a man by the name of Javier Solana was appointed Secretary-General of the Western European Union. (Laughter) Why do you guys laugh? This is serious stuff guys. I don’t see anything funny about this. Oh, what’s he saying here? Got any horn polish? Who put that there. Constance, did you get in this?
(pic., Dr. Javier Solana Madariaga)

36) He was also appointed Secretary-General of the Council of Europe. And High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union. In other words, this guy donned three hats. Three powerful hats at one time.
(pic., multiple of Dr. Solana)

37) Here you see him sitting right next to Colin Powell. Again, he’s coming in right under the radar of most people in the United States.
(pic., Dr. Solana at table with Colin Powell and others)

38) Here’s the Justus Lipsius Building. Here you have a clown on the bottom acting like he has four arms. But that’s the building that, in Brussels, that Javier Solana resides in when he is not traveling, which is very rarely.
(pic., JLB)

39) Here’s the Council of the European Union. Here’s the center of power of Europe and possibly, the New World Order.
(pic., Council of the European Union)

40) Who holds the reins of power in Europe? The politics in Europe is extremely confusing.
(pic., Guardian Unlimited news article, “Who Holds the Reins of Power in Europe”)

41) The Council holds the power of Europe, according to this analysis by The Guardian. “Power resides with the Council of Ministers.” That’s where Javier Solana is Secretary-General, and he’s been Secretary-General since 1999. You notice how politicians come and go? Presidents of the European Union come and go. This dude is still there this whole time. That’s where the power resides.
(pic., news article w/overlay, power rests with the Council of Ministers)

42) Here’s a fascinating picture of a press conference in Brussels. Notice how he’s posed, exactly. The European Union’s symbol is twelve stars. You notice how the flag and his head is posed to cover two of them with ten left over. That picture has always fascinated me. Here you have a picture of the heads of Europe going to sign the Constitution of Rome. The recent constitution that was not ratified. Look at the man that is leading them, in the forefront. Nobody has heard of this man. The rest of these people are heads of state. He’s out front, leading them.
[pic., Dr. Solana (left), and heads of Europe led by Dr. Solana (right)]

43) Here is the signing of the Constitution of Rome. In the background, is there sound on this Constance? Can you turn the sound on? (music, “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven) They have an anthem.
(pic., Signing of the Constitution of Rome)

44) The U.S. was very concerned about this Constitution of Rome. For one reason, it created a new foreign minister. It gave tremendous power to this foreign minister. This foreign minister’s power would rival the European Union presidency and it concerned the U.S. government, as it rightly should.
(pic., news article w/overlay, U.S. concerns over Constitution)

45) In the meantime, Javier Solana was chomping at the bit to get that post early because even if the new Constitution were ratified, the new foreign ministry post wouldn’t begin until 2009. But in the meantime, things needed to be done. We’ve got serious problems. We’ve got a war against terror. We’ve got the Middle East crisis. So Solana pushed to have the EU foreign ministry post to be implemented early and started. And that in the background, even though the Constitution was never ratified. All of the elements of the Constitution that had to do with Javier Solana went forward. There was a report, recently, an analysis, where there was an investigation on it. And sure enough, every item in the Constitution that had to do with Javier Solana, including his foreign ministry, was continuing, being implemented, even though the Constitution was never ratified.
(pic., news article w/overlay, to introduce foreign minister post early, May 17, 2004)

46) On July 1, 2004, Javier Solana met with the EU-Asian Summit.
(pic., July 1, 2004, summary of remarks)

47) And in it, this is what he said (regarding) the new foreign minister policy, he said, basically, “You guys need to speak with me from now on.” Because this new post, that he was going to have, was to replace the presidency of the European Union.
(pic., close-up w/overlay, to replace presidency system)

48) Silvio Berlusconi made the mistake, because he was President of the European Union, he thought he could set policy regarding Israel. Here you have Javier Solana saying, “Brussels, not Rome, sets EU-Israel policy,” on November 11, 2003. Solana said “I’m in charge.” Even then, when Silvio Berlusconi, Italy, held the EU presidency, Solana said he was the guy in charge.
(pc., “Brussels, not Rome, sets EU-Israel policy,” Solana, Nov. 11, 2003)

49) He told Israel, when Sharon told him that the European Union was not going to be in the peace process, unless they stopped supporting the Palestinian Authority and stopped pushing for things like tearing down the fence, things like that. That’s what Javier Solana said to Sharon, “The European Union is in the peace process, like it or not.” And it was shortly after that that Sharon backed down.
(pic., news article w/overlay, “Like it or not”)

50) Hal Lindsey picked that up and on his TBN T.V. show, he picked up that Javier Solana said that to Sharon. And here Hal Lindsey is on his TBN program, talking about Javier Solana and how he told Sharon, “Like it or not.”
(pic., Hal Lindsey)

51) This is also from Hal Lindsey’s T.V. show.
(pic., Dr. Solana)

52) This is also from Hal Lindsey’s T.V. show. This went out all across the world.
(pic., WEU Recommendation 666)

53) Here you see him shaking hands with Shimon Peres. I don’t think Peres really likes it, maybe he does. They are both members of the Socialist Party.
(pic., Dr. Solana w/Shimon Peres)

54) Here is the agreement, The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, or the Barcelona Process, that Javier Solana negotiated with Israel, with the European Union, twelve Mediterranean nations, back in 1995. This is what Constance was talking about. Friends, this very well could be the covenant with many that is referred to. What we have is the rebirth of Israel. What we have is the return of the Roman Empire. What we have is a ten-nation alliance. What we have is an office, High Representative, come up among these ten nations. What does he do? He set out to confirm a covenant that he made with Israel in 1995. He used this as a basis for bringing peace, an Arab region of peace and stability, over the Mediterranean.
(pic., The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, the covenant with the many?)

55) Javier Solana was credited with the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and he was so successful that it was believed that’s why Warren Christopher asked Bill Clinton to appoint Javier Solana as Secretary-General of NATO. So, it was a reward for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.
(pic., Solana’s reward)
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56) (no audio)
(pic., Dr. Solana w/U.S. Sec. of State, Warren Christopher)

57) Here you have a picture of President Bill Clinton at the time he appointed Javier Solana as head of NATO. As you know, hardly anybody has ever heard of this guy.
(pic., Dr. Solana and Pres. Clinton at the White House)

58) When he was head of NATO, though, he did something that was quite amazing. Part of his job, besides restructuring NATO and splitting it down the middle, with two commands and making a separate European pillar of NATO available, for himself, later; besides doing that, he was also, part of his job was to talk Russia into going along with eastward expansion, NATO expansion. He somehow did it. He somehow talked Russia, Primakov, into going along with NATO expansion. And when he returned to Brussels, he returned to a standing ovation in NATO headquarters from the heads of state of Europe. He was credited, his negotiating power in this agreement, was credited for the biggest change of security on the European continent since the Yelta Conference at the end of World War II. Javier Solana. Most people have never even heard of him.
(pic., news article w/overlay, standing ovation)

59) Henry Kissinger once said, when he wanted to talk to Europe, who does he call? That’s why, in Vienna in 1998, the European Union created the office of High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Now, while Javier Solana was still busy as head of NATO, splitting NATO down the middle, his job was to restructure NATO for the post cold war. What they meant, in Europe talk, what that meant was, “Get the United States out of NATO.” Since the Russian threat, the Soviet threat, was no longer there, “We don’t need America anymore.” That’s what they meant by restructuring NATO for the post cold war reality, because American wasn’t needed there.
(pic., Henry Kissinger, “When I want to talk to Europe, who do I call?”)

60) And while he was doing that, they were already creating an office for him. Out of 1,150 documents that were generated at the Vienna summit, the one that created the office of High Representative just happened to be numbered 666. Constance is the one that found that.
(pic., index; High Rep.: 666; Vienna, December 1998)

61) And here you have the document. Whoever holds this office would have the authority to act for the European Union towards the Balkans, Russia, and of course, God’s people, in the Mediterranean. There you have it. So, this man is given authority.
(pic., Document 666)

62) Here you have Javier Solana as head of NATO and the man over there happens to be the President of the Club of Rome. Javier Solana is a member of the Club of Rome. This club’s purpose is, it’s made up of former heads of state, scientists, world figures, and the idea is to bring about world governance. They are not talking about world government anymore. No, they are talking about world governance. The idea is for NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), governments, private sector, and everybody to work together, willingly, to establish world governance. And so, it’s further along than people realize. It’s right under our nose. People still aren’t seeing it. He happens, also, to be the brother to the late Prince of Jordan, passed away. He’s also an interfaith activist. He’s trying to create kind of a one religion out of the three Abrahamic faiths, Islam, Christianity, and of course, Judaism. And so, he’s a great interfaith activist. Like I say, again, he’s friends with Javier Solana and the idea of world governance.
(pic. Club of Rome)

63) The Club of Rome, on their statement, says this, “The future of humankind is not determined once and for all.” Friends, I believe that’s a declaration against God. That’s a declaration against God and that’s declaration against us.
(pic., Club of Rome, archive)

64) In Daniel, Chapter 2, it says, “It is He.” Daniel says, “It is He who changes the times and the epochs.” It is God who is in control. He sits on His throne. He is still in charge. There is a time, there is a set date, when Christ will return. No man knows when it is, but it’s there. And I don’t care how much of the world comes together against it, God is still on his throne.
(pic., Nebuchadnezzar’s statue)

65) And we know that this guy that comes on the scene, he’s going to make this covenant with many, which I personally believe, is very possibly the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. I believe that could be the covenant with many that is referred to in scripure.
(pic., Euro-Med Partnership, November 1995)

66) It’s interesting that although it was signed in 1995, Israel’s Association Agreement didn’t go into force until the 1st of June, 2000.
(pic., June 1, 2000)

67) A few days later, Recommendation 666 was adopted on June 5, 2000. What’s interesting about June 5, is it also happens to be the anniversary of another thing, the Six-Day War, in 1967. To this very day, the purpose here, in the international community, is to bring Israel back to the borders she held on the morning of June 5, 1967. This was adopted on the anniversary, with a Mediterranean mandate to bring Israel back to the borders she held on the morning of June 5, 1967.
(pic., Rec. 666, adopted June 5, 2000)

68) The first recommendation says in fancy words, all it’s saying is, “Let’s keep the ten nations together, guys. Let’s keep together.” This is Assembly Recommendation 666 of the Western European Union, the ten-nation alliance. Basically, Solana, the Secretary-General, writing this up, saying, “This new European Union that is being formed, let’s keep this, our ten-nation alliance, together.” That’s basically what it is saying.
(pic., “Keep 10 WEU nations together”)

69) And it’s saying, “Let’s give me, Javier Solana, emergency powers, in an emergency.”
(pic., emergency powers)

70) Soon after, France took over the presidency on July 1, 2000. They implemented Recommendation 666. They made the ten-nation Western European Union the military wing of the European Union. And soon after, we have the infamous Solana Decision, which was a clampdown on all information of the military to the public. Under the Amsterdam Treaty, it was assured that all these nations, if they signed the Amsterdam Treaty, that this information of a military nature would be kept open, transparent, for everybody to see. Under the Solana Decision, it was all taken away. It was a clampdown. This was even called a military coup by many of your journalists, at the time. A ten-nation military coup over the European Union.
(pic., The Solana Decision, military coup)

71) Here we have a think tank that belonged to the Western European Union that was given to the European Union and it is the Western European Union think tank. So this Western European Union, what was said at this time, was that the European Union was absorbing the ten-nation Western European Union. But friends, it was just the opposite. The ten nations were absorbing the European Union. It’s my personal belief, and I think it’s proven itself to be true.
(pic., ISS)

72) The satellite center in Spain. You’ve been hearing about GALILEO. We’ve got a joint venture going now between the European Union, this satellite center and our satellites, GPS. It’s all coming under one system. This is all supposed to be a global surveillance system, a border system, a human tracking system, a cargo tracking system. They call it e-Borders. It’s also going to include biometrics, for the purpose of paying. Friends, I think what we’re seeing, under this system, that’s being formed, is the beginning of the system that’s going to implement the Mark of the Beast.
(pic., EUSC)

73) European Defense Agency. This is all under Javier Solana.
(pic., E.D.A.)

74) The Madrid bombing. You guys remember the Madrid bombing? It happened at a perfect time. It happened at such a perfect time that it swayed an election in Spain. What did it do? It took a pro-American president, a member of that ten-nation alliance, out of the way. Instead, it put a member of Javier Solana’s own party, Socialist party, in power. Who is now leading, or one of the biggest allies that Javier Solana has over there in Europe, is what’s going on in Europe right now.
(pic., multiple)

75) Sweeping counter terror policies. Europe is now in the grip of what we were after 9/11.
(pic., same)

76) Here you have a friend of Tony Blair’s, Robert Cooper. He used to be a personal advisor to Tony Blair. One of these intellectual types. He has been writing his books. He’s considered an imperialist. A liberal imperialist and basically, his whole concept is that, “Look, the only way we’re going to bring peace is for us to literally take over these other nations. We’ve got to impose our Western values.”
(pic., liberal imperialism)

77) Basically, what he is saying is, “We’ve got to civilize or die. We’ve got to civilize this world or we’re going to die.”
(pic., civilize or die)

78) Now this was an advisor to Tony Blair. And he goes to work for Javier Solana. Now we see Javier Solana building a cabinet. Like a shadow government. And here comes his personal advisor, who is an imperialist.
(pic., Cooper)

79) Not only that, he gets a Terror Czar. You know recently we’ve had our terror czar? Javier Solana has his Terror Czar, Klaas de Vries. Goes to work for Javier Solana, March 19, 2005. I don’t even like to look at him, he scares me.
(pic., Klaas de Vries)

80) In the meantime, Javier Solana develops a security strategy. The European Union was at each other’s throats over the Iraqi war. And Solana comes up with a security strategy, a three-piece security strategy, and everybody falls in love with it. And I talked about this in my book, a little bit. That’s actually how I end my book, is with this. But one of the things that’s fascinating about this is what it led to.
(pic., Solana’s Secure)

81) This security strategy, which later became known as the Solana Doctrine, led to an agreement with the United States. After he delivered the security doctrine to the heads of state, the European leaders, including Javier Solana, paid a visit to the White House and they knocked out a treaty that, to this day, it’s unknown. It’s secret. Nobody knows, really, what’s in this treaty. All we know is that it is a joint agreement between the European Union and the United States to fight the war against terror. Friends, there’s more going on here. It’s big. They are not telling us everything. They are creating something here. Friends, there’s something big going on here. They are serious, the West is serious. Under the leadership of Javier Solana, former head of NATO, we now have the European Union serious about getting with the United States. Serious about liberal imperialism. “We’ve got to create a safe world,” that’s what they are saying.
(pic., EU-US Summit; June 25, 2003)

82) “Let us reorder the world around us.” Who said that? Tony Blair says this. He’s the current president of the European Union. He’s this friend of America. “Let us reorder the world around us.”
(pic., same)

83) Here you have another analysis. “EU aims to secure better world.” This is all around Javier Solana’s security doctrine.
(pic., EU aims)

84) Here you have a private police force being formed out of five nations, that they’re not under. They don’t believe “innocent until proven guilty.” All of these nations have in common “guilty until proven innocent,” like it is in Mexico. And this is a private police (force) that is being formed, around Javier Solana.
(pic., European gendarmerie)

85) In the meantime, he comes up with another doctrine. It’s called A Human Security Doctrine. What does that mean? That means that the European Union now doesn’t believe that they have the right to invade another country, only because another country threatens somebody. But they have the right to invade another country because somebody is stomping on somebody else’s human rights. In other words, they can intervene for just about any reason they want, against anybody they want. There’s no such thing anymore as borders.
(pic., humanitarian interventions)

86) Annan calls for new security structures in the United Nations. That’s what we’re seeing now. They are already working on it. They have come to some kind of agreement.
(pic., Annan wants)

87) But right from the very beginning, Solana, back in 1999, has called for a seat for the European Union on the Security Council of the United Nations.
(pic., Solana wants)

88) France and Britain, instead though, which are members of his ten-nation alliance, they want Germany to have a seat on the Security Council. Well, that stands to reason. You’ll find out why later, as we go along here. It turns out they’ve got their own little group going and it’s called the EU-3.
(pic., same)

89) Javier Solana, he appeals to Kofi Annan, “I want a seat on the Security Council.”
(pic., Javier Solana appeals)

90) Italy supports Solana. Italy doesn’t want Germany to get a seat on the Security Council. These other countries are getting tired of the Big 3 pushing them around. After all, why should Germany get a seat and Italy doesn’t? So, Italy says, “No, we want the European Union to get a seat on the Security Council.”
(pic., same)

91) It turns out Colin Powell says, “America probably will support Italy.” Why? Because Italy supported us in Iraq. Germany didn’t.
(pic., U.S. may support)

92) Here you see kind of a closeness that Solana has with Colin Powell.
(pic., Colin Powell and Javier Solana)

93) I had a chance to bump into this guy. That’s a picture I took personally of him. And I had a chance to finally ask one of these guys a question. I asked William Cohen. He was Secretary of Defense under Bill Clinton. He’s considered one of the leading experts on NATO. I said, “You made the comment one time that if the European Union develops their own security apparatus that NATO would become a relic of the past.” That’s a quote. And it became a famous quote. It went all over the place. So I asked him, “Now that they’ve done it,” which is what I wrote my book about, “will NATO become a relic of the past?” And he told me, in his opinion, it didn’t happen. And he could see the doubt in my eyes, and he could see that I was still doubting him, so he looked right back at me and looked me in the eye, he said, “What they did in Europe was just for show. It was just to make the European people think they had their own independent military.” That’s what he told me. For some reason, God gave me that inside information. He told me that personally. So, when the Clinton administration approached Javier Solana and the European leaders over Recommendation 666, and the implementation, and what they were doing, they said, “Don’t worry, it’s just for show. We don’t mean any of this. It’s just to make our people think we’ve got our own military.” And the Clinton administration bought it. And, I think, to this day, the Bush administration is buying the same line. I think that’s the line that’s being used. Solana is acting pro -- since he was head of NATO -- pro-Atlantic. And I think that’s what’s going on.
(pic., just for show)

94) It’s just for show. (Background audio of Solana giving a speech) EU peacekeepers, take over the mission in Macedonia. This is switching from NATO forces to Solana’s forces. This is just for show. He’s taking over the Balkans, for show.
(pic., March 31, 2003)

95) Remember, Solana gave the orders to begin NATO bombing in the Balkans. (Background audio of Solana giving another speech.) Bosnia-Herzegovina.
(pic., December 2, 2004

96) If you recall, he was given a mandate, Russia, the Ukraine, the Mediterranean. He’s already done it in the Balkans. He’s already done it in the Balkans. He’s pretty much done it with Russia, too, with the agreement. What we have left is the Mediterranean, friends. He’s definitely moving in that direction.
(pic., #666)

97) And you can see how active he’s been in the peace process.
(pic., peacemaker)

98) Back to the road signs. Here you have the collapsed American peace process. The Intifada started in September of 2000, after Recommendation 666 was adopted and this foreign policy began in Europe. That was to get the United States out of the Mediterranean and get the European Union into the peace process.
(pic., close-up of Road Signs)

99) Here we have a gal by the name of Ilka Schroeder. She’s a member of the European Parliament and she basically said that the Intifada was a hidden (war), that the European Union had a hidden war against the United States. And the Intifada should be seen as a proxy war between the European Union and the United States. As you know, the biggest financial supporter of the Palestinians has been the European Union. Friends, there was a reason for it, I believe. Here you have a member of the European Parliament blowing the whistle.
(pic., Ilka Schroeder)

100) She says the Middle East has become one of the most important fields of the European military superpower ambitions, and she says, “The primary goal is the internationalization of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” In other words, as long as the peace process was under American control, there was no way the European Union was going to go along with it. In fact, they were going to be fighting a proxy war on the other side. And that’s what been going on. It wasn’t until the Iraq situation -- that Constance brought out -- when America became desperate for help, that, finally, an agreement was reached. That, “Okay, okay, we will let you have the Middle East if you just help us in Iraq.” And that’s what’s behind what’s going on. And suddenly, Yasser Arafat is out of the picture and peace is on the horizon.
(pic., Ilka Schroeder quote)

101) This is an interesting picture. I don’t know who put that there. He is in the peace process.
(pic., Peres & Solana)

102) Sharon must work with Peres. As you know, Sharon has had a very shaky time over there, keeping his coalition together. So here you have Peres, who signed the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership with Javier Solana, now in the government working with Sharon, in Israel.
(pic., same)

103) This person says a fundamental shift has occurred. Have you guys noticed that fundamental shift over there? Everybody knows a new wind is blowing. That’s what she says, too. This gal is Benita Ferrero-Waldner. She is the commissioner in charge of Javier Solana’s European Neighbourhood Policy. When he becomes the new foreign minister, she won’t be needed. He will also have that hat on, too, in the Commission. Right now, she’s needed. She’s in charge of it. She says a new wind is blowing, because of Javier Solana’s Neighbourhood Policy.
(pic., Benita Ferrero-Waldner)

104) Here she is on the European Union’s website. Like I say, it’s called the European Neighbourhood Policy. I didn’t misspell that. That’s how they spell it in Europe. They can’t spell in Europe. Neighbourhood.
(pic., ENP)

105) When I saw this, it almost knocked me out of my seat. Javier Solana drew this up. It’s called the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument. His people did, actually. This is the new funding instrument for the European Neighbourhood Policy for the next budget term of the European Union, which will begin on January 1, 2007 and be for a seven-year period.
(pic., ENPI)

106) Whoever is in charge in the European Union, over the European Neighbourhood Policy, whether it be the new foreign minister, or whoever it is, will be implementing the European Neighbourhood Policy for a period of seven years. The European Union, what they do, is they form their political ambitions around their budget period. They only have money, they don’t have military. So they use their money and they form all their political goals around their budget period. That will begin on January 1, 2007 with a complete new push to bring peace to the Mediterranean through the European Neighbourhood Policy. This funding instrument is for seven years. It includes rewards. It includes monitoring, action plans, which (where) each nation has to be monitored and watched, by ours truly. And, of course, it can be pulled right out from under them if they fail to meet the requirements.
(pic., seven-year instrument)

107) Margot Wallstrom. This speech appeared when she was at one of the first assemblies of the Euro-Mediterranean Assembly that came out of this. And what she said about the European Neighbourhood Policy was fascinating. Somebody pointed this out to me. She said the European Neighbourhood Policy, that will have that seven-year period, “renews,” talking about the Barcelona Process. “It renews it, clarifies it, and breathes fresh life into it.” In other words, it confirms it. For a seven-year period.
(pic., renews it)

108) I wrote about three, four commentaries on my website about this. I was so overwhelmed with realizing what’s going on here. Suddenly, I went to the European Union website, this is the official European Union website, where that speech was. Look on the left up there, “This page cannot be displayed.” It disappeared. It did. It’s true. It disappeared.
(pic., speech taken down)

109) When it came back, it had been modified. They changed it to, “The European Neighbourhood Policy, it adds to it and it makes things happen.” And they not only did it there, they went all through the speech and they softened it all. Anything that would look like it’s confirming an existing covenant with many. They softened it. Is it because they don’t want to be associated with Bible prophecy?
(pic., After I wrote)

110) Jack Kinsella, who works for Hal Lindsey on the Omega Letter, he started writing about Javier Solana and about all this. And he picked up on the European Neighbourhood Policy. This is what he says about it.
(pic., Omega Letter)

111) He wrote a commentary entitled, “Welcome to the Neighbourhood.” And it’s all about what we’re talking about right now.
(pic., Welcome to)

112) But this is what he adds. He says, “He can’t confirm,” meaning the antichrist, “He can’t confirm an agreement unless it had already existed, anymore than you can confirm a dentist appointment unless you had already made one.” Many Bible scholars will interpret that that way, saying that, in the actual language, what it is saying is the antichrist, when he comes, is going to be confirming an existing covenant. There’s a lot of people that believe that, a lot of good scholars say that, and that’s what Jack Kinsella is writing.
(pic., He can’t confirm)

113) The European Neighbourhood Policy does confirm Solana’s 1995 covenant with the many for a seven-year period. It actually does that.
(pic., The ENP confirms)

114) There’s your seven-year budget term. You’ll notice the arrows, where it’s pointing up there. Now, when you first look at it, it looks like six years, but you’ve got to remember, it’s from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2013. That’s a seven-year period. At first, when you look at it (Laughs) I got confused on it, too.
(pic., 2007-2013)

115) Where are the three horns? Now, wait a minute, if we have the rebirth of the nation Israel, if we have the (revived) Roman Empire, if we have the ten horns, if we have the little horn, now we should expect three, out of the original ten, because it says three of the first horns, is what it says. It says, to become an issue here, some way.
(pic., same)

116) In May of 2004, when the European Union became 25 nations, the EU Big 3, France, Germany and Britain, felt threatened. When it was only 15 nations, they pretty much had control, voting wise, in every way. Now they were losing control, so what do they do? They decide to form a directorate. If the EU Big 3 get together, they can continue to control the European Union and the foreign policy, so that’s what they did. They formed a directorate. They deny it, but that’s what they did.
[pic., Chirac (France), Schroeder (Germany) and Blair (G.B.)]

117) Lately in the Iranian negotiations, you’ve been hearing about the Big 3. That’s all you hear about, is the Big 3. Friends, Solana is supposed to be doing that. He’s High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. He was hired to do that. But he’s now not able to. Not only that, since France took over, I mean, since Tony Blair took over the presidency, Solana has not even been able to continue with many of the things he wanted to do. Like the foreign service and, in fact, Tony Blair right out, and his government, came right out and said, basically, Solana is going to have to wait.
(pic., BBC news article)

118) Here’s the scripture that’s involved. “While I was contemplating the horns, behold, another horn, a little one, came up among them and three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots before it.” Begs the question. Looking at things geo-politically, the picture is in front of us. It really is. When you take it step-by-step, just logically, “These are the facts, ma’am.”
(pic., Daniel 7:8)

119) There is a picture here that appears to be Biblical. And these three are definitely standing in his way, right now. So, that brings up some serious questions for us to consider. And that’s something that we’ll probably have to answer to, very soon. These are the questions that we would have to then start considering.
[pic., Chirac (France), Schroeder (Germany) and Blair (U.K.)]

120) Will the 70th week of Daniel begin on January 1, 2007? Now, I know you’ll always hear associated the tribulation period and the 70th week of Daniel. I think it’s dangerous to make that association the way it is done today. If you want to be real technical about the tribulation period, where you find about it in the Bible, it’s always three and a half years. And, it’s been assumed that it’s part of the 70th week of Daniel. It’s been assumed to be a seven-year period. We all kind of accepted that. Even in my book, I write it that way. But if you want to say, “Here, these are the facts, just the facts, ma’am,” go to the Bible. Just the facts. You won’t see it associated with a seven-year period. It’s assumed. And a lot of interpreters, they have their reasons why they assumed it, because of various things in the Book of Revelations. It’s not, and it’s dangerous to assume that, I think.
(pic., same)

121) If it is the 70th week, what happens if we’re still here on January 1? Friends, this is why I think Hal Lindsey, Jack Kinsella, and many of them are not reporting on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership -- that Constance talks about -- as possibly the covenant with many. They would like to look to some other agreement. Why? Because if they start reporting that the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, that Javier Solana negotiated in 1995, is the covenant with many that will be confirmed for seven years on January 1, 2007, if we’re still here, what are they going to say?

The reason is because they teach that we’re going to be raptured out of here first. And that’s a very important doctrine to some people in the church. And I think it is too important. This particular doctrine has become so important that I believe it is blinding people. I had a great-great-grandfather that was into Bible prophecy. He led the largest Mennonite community in the Ukraine. He even led them wagon train and he was involved with other people. There was a book written about him. I had the (good) fortune to be able to find it and read it. These people used Baptist Sunday School Lessons. The book is about how they migrated in a different direction because they believed, when the antichrist came on the scene, he’d be in the West. Since the Mennonite people migrated from country to country, they wanted to migrate somewhere where they wouldn’t be (around) when the antichrist comes. Because they believed, literally, the antichrist would come someday.

In other words, they had never heard of the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine of the church. And that was only around 1880 and they never heard of it? And they used Baptist materials? Friends, all I’m saying is, I’m not speaking out now in a way to offend anybody, or anything. I’m just saying that we have evolved in a time in church history where we put importance on doctrines that were never put importance on, in that way, before. Now, my fear is, because of this importance that we put on it, we have people refusing to see the writing on the wall. There is writing on the wall right now. We should be, I think, pointing this out regardless of what it does to our preconceived ideas. Because how many of you really believe, when the prophecies are fulfilled, it’s going to be exactly the way the popular view teaches? How many really believe that we could have figured this out before it happened? And be right one hundred percent? It’s never been like that before, and why should we think now? Friends, things may be coming down and it may not be the way we’ve been taught. We had better be ready, regardless. At least it’s happening, and that excites me.
(pic., same)

122) If it is, if that is, the 70th week, we know that around 2010, we know that it is going to include Israel, we know there’s going to be a time of peace over Israel and we know it’s going to be terminated around 2010.
(pic., 2010)

123) Look who is going to hold the presidency of the European Union in 2010. At their June summit of 2010, if that treaty were to be terminated, that’s where it would happen. It would be at the June summit of the European Union. They have summits every six months. It would be under the Spanish presidency. Remember? Javier Solana’s friend (Zapatero) would be president of the European Union.
(pic., Spain, 2010)

124) Will the emergency powers be evoked? Recommendation 666, because of some emergency?
(pic., emergency powers)

125) If so, it could only be for a three and a half year period. He would be given authority to act for three and a half years, because that would be the end of the term, of the financial term, that would be available. It would be for three and a half years.
(pic., 3 ½ years)

126) So, are what we seeing, is this the ten-horned beast from the sea?
(pic., ten-horned beast)

127) Hurley’s logic book, on its cover, the seventh edition, shows these small, smooth stones that are in a row. The Bible says this. It says, “Here is wisdom, let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man and it is the number six hundred sixty-six.” The word “calculate” here, if you go to Strong’s, means in small stones. Small, smooth stones. As they were used in ancient times for calculating. Putting your stones in. Friends, just the facts. Israel was reborn. Revived Roman Empire. Ten horns. Little horn. Mediterranean direction. Identified with the number 666. “Let him who has understanding calculate.”
(pic., cover of book)

128) 666 connected with the revival of the Roman Empire. European Union. Of a man, in Europe, reviving the Roman Empire.
(pic., 666, Revived Roman Empire)

129) Ten nations. The number is connected again, and a man.
(pic., 666 & 10 nations)

130) Now we have the international community connected with this man, (and) Israel. We have the revived Roman Empire, and the ten horns, and the international community. Three players are referred to in the Book.
(pic., writing on the wall, 666)

131) When you see all these things, look up. When you see all these things. We’re seeing all these things. We’re not seeing one of them. We’re not seeing two of them. Friends, I believe we’re seeing all of them. It’s time for us to recognize that the time is here. It’s time for us to recognize that and it’s time for us to acknowledge it may not happen exactly the way we’re taught. That’s fine, we’re fine with it. We know it’s happening and that’s all that counts. Christ will return, exactly on schedule. Okay, that’s my presentation. (Applause)
(pic., Matt. 24:33)

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