Those Who Sleep in Jesus

Those Who Sleep in Jesus

Postby True Light on Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:49 am

I would like to share this poem with those who have a genuine love for “Fulfilled Prophecy,” especially for Herb’s loved ones. It was originally written for a very dear family at the Church I used to attend, the day after they lost their beloved teenage daughter in a tragic one-car accident. It helped to relieve some of the extreme pain in the midst of their grief, and I sincerely hope God will use these words to comfort and strength God’s people who are facing the death of a loved one. It a terribly Dark and lonely place to be, but thank God for the “True Light” who came to give us Hope until we finally reach the Other Side.

"Those Who Sleep in Jesus

Remember when your little child would go to sleep for the night,

and the sense of relief that she was going to be all right.

No need to worry about her being led astray.

No need to worry about her being stolen away.

No need to worry that she might fall down and get hurt.

At least for that day you could finally have a peace in your heart,

that your precious little girl was safe and sound.

So too is it with our Heavenly Father I have found.

For those who fall asleep, yet love and belong to Him,

He no longer has to be worried or concerned about them.

However for those that remain here on earth they are filled with grief,

but for Almighty God the burden is finally lifted and replaced with relief.

He no longer has to worry that we could ever fall away from Him.

He no longer has to worry that the Devil may lure us into sin.

For those who Sleep in Jesus can no longer be led astray.

For those who Sleep in Jesus have finally found the perfect Way.

For those who Sleep in Jesus will forever be with them;

and I Am very certain that your darling daughter fell asleep in Him.

So comfort your hearts in the knowledge that her life has just begun;

and more importantly

that she will be standing right beside the Glorious One,

Who suffered and died in order to bring us back to Life.

For those who Sleep in Jesus will He bring

when He comes to claim His Wife."

By C. Read 10/01/1995

Luke 12:49 "I Am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?"
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Postby Holly on Sun Feb 17, 2008 12:40 pm

True Light,

I just saw the poem you posted. Thank you for sharing it with us! I have to say, I used to worry about my dad a lot before he died -- with all the burdens he carried. Now, I don't worry about him at all. It's a beautiful thing to know he is safe in his Savior's arms.

I like your user name! Jesus is the only light in this dark world. That's the ultimate message of FP!

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