For Holly

For Holly

Postby drsone on Mon Jul 30, 2007 11:29 pm

Hi Holly,

I'll be able to thank your father for the influence he had on my life one day, so I wanted to address this to you.
I'm sure you have heard a ton of stories by now about what a great man of God your father was, but I feel compelled to add mine to the mix.
This won't be long, it won't be a long story about my life, I just felt led to post this about Herb.
I had strayed far from God, did some reading about the NWO, was searching, found this website and that was that. I was very confused and struggled with surrendering to God. I pm'd your father many times and he always had the best advice in love and a great understanding of scripture. I know it was God who led me here, but without your father obeying God I may never have returned to Him.
It's not just me, now that I love Jesus above all else, countless lives have been influenced and who knows how many before I go to be with God, in part thanks to your father talking with a confused, drunken young man who was full of despair.

I just wanted to honor your father, and let you know what a blessing he was to me, and to ultimately honor our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

My father was a man of God (He passed on when I was a child), and I really hope that he and Herb have met now, and that my father knows what Herb did for me. If not, I'll introduce them when I get there.

Love in Christ,
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