Rebuilding Israel's Temple Mount

News about the Temple Mount and/or rebuilding the Jewish Temple.

Rebuilding Israel's Temple Mount

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Rebuilding Israel's Temple Mount

By: Daniel Ben Simon for Al-Monitor Israel Pulse Posted on June 7.


I went to visit the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem to see how the preparations for the establishment of the new temple were getting on. For hundreds of Israelis, the task of renewing the temple has become the job of their lives. It is about time, so they believe, to establish the Third Temple in its proper place — right on the site where the First Temple and the Second Temple were once standing before being destroyed.
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For hundreds of Israelis, the task of renewing the Temple at "its original place," has become a life mission.
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Temple now
Author: Daniel Ben Simon
Translated by: Al-Monitor
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Yehuda Glick is one of the “elite soldiers of the temple” who dedicate their lives to the mission. Since moving to Israel, he has been preparing for the great day, waiting to see the construction of the edifice that is to become the holiest place on earth for the Jewish people. A black skullcap adorning his head, his Hebrew flavored by an Anglo-Saxon accent, Glick spends his time as a tourist guide, escorting visitors to the Temple Mount.

I met Yehuda at the entrance gate to the Temple Mount. There is no greater thrill in his life than to walk on the soil of the Temple Mount. While he has visited the place hundreds or even thousands of times,, his heart still beats with excitement on each visit. “As far as I see it, an amazing divine move is manifested here,” he explained while we were waiting in line at the gate. “The state of Israel is a part of this divine move, which will culminate in the establishment of the Third Temple.”

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