Christian Fundamentalists

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Christian fundamentalists

Postby smallisland on Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:45 pm

Farmer, I was wondering if you are aware of Christian denominations in Europe which are known as "fundamentalist"?

The only time I ever hear the term "Christian fundamentalists" is in relation to the USA.

In the UK for example, there are many different Christian denominations but as far as I'm aware, none of them (yet!) is described as being fundamentalist. The distinction is made between evangelicals and or non-evangelicals and that's it.

I feel that many evangelicals will fall in with the AOC, so I wonder if 'fundamentalists' will eventually find themselves outside of the regular denominations completely?
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Postby smallisland on Tue Mar 18, 2008 12:44 pm

Sorry I did not mean to post here - I was raising a new topic!
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Postby farmer on Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:27 pm

smallisland, no problem I will try to answer it here, maybe a moderator will move it then later...

Well, what I can tell you is about the German/Swiss situation.
And you are right, the organisation of fundamental protestants is the ICCC (1948) and it has no German group affiliated or listed. Still sometimes counted as "fundamentalist Protestants" here are (and they are a minority) the "Amish People", the "Evangelische Brüderverein", "Int. Gemeinden Christi", "Zwölf Stämme (Twelve Tribes)" und "Freunde konkordanter Bibelübersetzungen".
Then there are also groups of Romanian-German christians who often show fundamentalistic and charismatic characteristics. In Hungary the fundamentalistic and charismatic movement with is a very big one ("FAith Church").

In General the break between Evangelicals and Fundamentalists occured already in 1957 when Billy Graham worked also in the ecomenic council...
in Germany the Evangelicals can be divided into three main groups:
-"confession of the sole gospel" - groups inside the offical German Evangelical Church
-charismatic evangelicals
-"pietistic" groups

Then there are independent groups like for example Russian-German mennonite emigrant groups (about 200.000 people in Germany).

Politically: The European Evangelicals are of course conservative in general but stand normally political far more left then in the USA and became latest since the Irak war also very sceptical towards the USA and also critisise openly the US-Evangelicals for their economic-social view.

So I would say yes the fundamentalists are largely found outside of the Evangelical demoniations, still we can find also inside the Evangelical group seperatistic evagelical demonitaions.

In the end of course it depends on how we define "fundamentalism". A big German newspaper lately desribed somebody who reads the bible and prays every day as a fundamentalist...
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