spiral dynamics

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spiral dynamics

Postby RomaLynnStar on Sun Oct 14, 2007 1:02 am


Say Bjorn, this is posted on the apostasy thread. I am going to email Constance and ask her about this one also.

It specifically mentions Holland and there was a site on there for you to check out something about fundamentalism in Dutch, but it did not come up for me. Since you are much closer to the Dutch, mabye, Holland do you know anything about this changing of the laws of Holland it talks about, in the below:

No theory or system will alter how you see yourself and the world more immediately and profoundly than Spiral Dynamics. What is Spiral Dynamics? Spiral Dynamics is a powerful model and predictive theory of human development and cultural evolution. Under the guidance of “Spiral wizard” Dr. Don Beck, it has emerged as a powerful new tool for understanding the complexity of human behavior. SD has been successfully employed around the globe for conceiving and implementing real-world integral solutions to social conflicts and for catalyzing individual evolutionary transformation.

Learn how this evolutionary theory and model for human development can help you understand the complex world we live in and to navigate the challenges of life in the twenty-first century.
Begin to recognize that how we think is so much more important than what we think!
Become an agent for the evolution of human society by understanding how real, integral transformation takes place in yourself and others.
Discover why so many change makers around the world are using Spiral Dynamics to solve real, complex issues—from ending apartheid in South Africa to rewriting law enforcement policy in Holland to discovering new growth strategies for multinational corporations.

A Spiral Dynamics Perspective on Fundamentalism in the Dutch Context

As presented by Dr. Don Beck and Peter Merry

Go There Now

This is a side on the right of the main page of this thing. Caught my eye for sure. Picture did not go in here.

Please check it out and the one who asked is a new member on our board. Please post it there if you would.

Thanks so much.
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Postby farmer on Sun Oct 14, 2007 8:05 pm

Thanks RomaLynnStar!

No Dutch needed here.

At first to core: weird new age stuff with high racist input.
Goal: man should develop to reach the "second tier level".

"In actively fighting integral, you are keeping people in the depths of first-tier tyranny. Postmodernism, bless its heart, helps identify problems that it cannot itself solve."

In 1996 DON BECK - together with Christopher Cowan wrote "Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change."
In this book he developed his "new" value-system of evolution of human consciousness. As an adviser he claims to have visited Downing Street Nr.10, to meet with members of Tony Blair's "Policy Unit" or the City of Chicago to improve their school system; the WorldBank, on the future of Afganistan, and Banks, Energycorporations, Govermental Units...
With Bill Clinton Don Beck spoke about discrimination of races during his presidency and tried also to find strategies together with Nelson Mandela.
Allegedly he played a major role in building the democratic SouthAfrica, and 1996 for this he received also an honour in his homestate Texas.

That's what I think the reason with this Dutch thing you ask me:

From the end of 1945 until 1993, the Dutch police was composed of gemeentepolitie (municipal police) and rijkspolitie (state police).
In 1993 the police in the Netherlands was reorganised into 25 regiokorpsen (regional forces) and the Korps landelijke politiediensten (National police services force, KLPD). In the event of serious emergencies, the police cooperates with the fire brigade, ambulance service and other government agencies in the security region corresponding to the police region.

As the Dutch Law has an great influence on the South African Law -
(and vice verca has he maintains here, he wants to say also, that this change was under his influence:). So, short after these changes in SouthAfrica and in the Dutch Law he wrote his famous book, and that's why it's still mentioned here, I guess:

"Discover why so many change makers around the world are using Spiral Dynamics to solve real, complex issues—from ending apartheid in South Africa to rewriting law enforcement policy in Holland..."

After all he is also in bed with big new age guru Ken Wilber and Arlington Institute boss John Petersen. Maurice Strong is of course a big influence in the nwo and a link between new age, global warming propaganda and politics, former right hand of Kofi Anan (also to Solana: see here:
http://www.consilium.europa.eu/uedocs/c ... hotoGLR50/{464738D1-ECB8-41FC-BA87-24261B2A498E}.jpg )
article from Constance:
and from Dr. Dennis Cuddy:

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Postby RomaLynnStar on Mon Oct 15, 2007 4:46 pm

Thank you so much for that Farmer.

I tell you this sutff is so embedded and intertwined. It boggles my mind to see how quickly in the last five years so much has jumped together.
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