Articles of Prewrath - Alan Kurschner

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Articles of Prewrath - Alan Kurschner

Postby Truthinlove on Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:02 pm

An excellent summary of exactly what the prewrath rapture view is. Unfortunately, the prewrath view has been misrepresented and has also been claimed to be the view of those who have very different views, thus confusing what prewrath really is.

"Articles Of Prewrath" by Alan Kurschner ... -prewrath/
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Re: Articles of Prewrath - Alan Kurschner

Postby Sonbeam on Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:08 am

Thank you truthinlove. I have been identifying my position on end time beliefs as being last trump pre wrath, but I certainly do not agree with all the articles of the prewrath position as posted by Kurschner.

Since I believe that the seals have not been opened in order, that the 7th seal has already been opened with its first trumpet yet to be sounded, and the 6th seal is the only seal left to be opened concurrently with Christ's second coming, I don't think the prewrath position is the correct definition for what I believe. :grin:

To clarify: I believe in a 7th seal trumpet pre bowls of wrath second coming of our Lord.

Anybody else out there hold this view? :grin:

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