Feasts of the Lord ~ pre-wrath rapture

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Feasts of the Lord ~ pre-wrath rapture

Postby Tevye on Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:22 am

Feast of Trumpets ~ (link)
Bill Miller wrote:Jesus “Comes” (Parousia) only Once:

AFTER “Tribulation” (seals 1 –6), and BEFORE “wrath” (7th seal) per Rev. 6 and Mth. 24:5-31. The first 6 seals of “Tribulation” ‘caused’ by God’s permissive will was allowed by God; to encourage repentance prior to wrath and judgment.

Jesus then gathers His “elect” / "chosen" prior to wrath; Mth. 24:30-31 (Pre-Wrath Raptured); as Jesus Himself clearly states.

Jesus then continues to stay and deliver His Wrath; (7th seal), until Judgment has been delivered, and then to rule in His Millennial Kingdom 1,000 years in a "Year of Jubilee". (No coming and going)

This period completes the “Feasts Of The Lord” Feasts of Trumpets proclaiming the time to repent, unto the “Feast of Atonement” / Judgment, unto the “Year of Jubilee”.


Note: The period of “Tribulation” (Peirasmos & Thlupsis), during the first 6 seals were allowed by God through His permissive will to cause repentance; before His “wrath” and Judgment upon the unrepentant. I.e. Typical of warnings given by God in scripture to repent, before God unleashes His “over flowing fury” / wrath.

feastsofthelord.net ~ (more great stuff @ link)

feastsofthelord.net-index (home page)
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Re: Feasts of the Lord ~ pre-wrath rapture

Postby sacredcowbasher on Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:23 pm

I think this is possible. The devil and his 'angels' will be cast down to earth. Would it be possible that we, Jesus and his Angels and those who are raptured, take our place in the heavenlies once occupied by the devil? And that, during this time His wrath is poured out, however long a period that is. Maybe we don't go back to heaven with Jesus and we don't come immediately back to earth but remain in the air during this time.
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Re: Feasts of the Lord ~ pre-wrath rapture

Postby Truthinlove on Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:06 am


:a3: I agree
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Re: Feasts of the Lord ~ pre-wrath rapture

Postby Mrs. B on Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:40 am

Feasts of the Lord- pre-wrath rapture......

The Feast are the Lord's calendar.......They are so men can know what hour we are living in....

Jesus was born by the Calendar of God....He died at the right time....rose from the dead and then sent back the Promise of the Father....He send us His Holy Spirit and we are Born Again.....by the living word (the seed) and He Gives us His Holy Spirit....that leads us and guides us into all truth....

When Adam sin....death entered into the world.....BUT God made a promise in the Garden...that He would send a Seed.
Jesus is the Promise Seed...

Adam brought Death....spiritual death so man died....he became a carnal man....and death entered the world....so God Promise to send a Savior......God's Calendar is written in the Stars.....and the Jews called them Feast Days...

We had 4 blood moons in 1492......I say four but I may be wrong about the numbers.....But Columbus was a Jew...and the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and they had no home land....So Colulmbus came across the oceon and we Say Discovered America......half of the Jewish population lives in New York---America and the rest in Jerusalem...other countries......

We the Christians came here for freedom of Religion....To Worship Jesus in Freedom.....that was 2000 years ago...
So many Jews came to America to have freedom of Worship.....Jesus was born 2000 thousand years ago...we are now in the end of 6000 years of creation......and at the door of the 7th thousand years.....God's perfect number for rest is 7......6 days he created man but on the 7th day he rested......He ceased from His labors and entered into Rest.....

So....we are in the end of the 6th thousand years and at the door of the 7th thousand years.....Which is a Sabboth Rest
Jesus will return and rule on this earth for a 1000 years....A Sabboth Rest.....He will Rule from Jerusalem and all those who by Faith followed the Teaching of God will rule and reign with Him....This is the First Ressurrection....all that kept the law and by faith followed Jehova's teaching and Received Jesus the Promise Seed will live with Him During this Seventh Thousand Years of Rest....

Satan will be bound during this time...The whole earth will be filled with the Knowledge of the Glory of God as the Water cover the Earth.....This is God's Promise...Satan is Bound but at the end of this 7th thousand years Satan is Loosed for a season....and many will follow HIm...He is then destroyd and all his follows.....This earth will be destroyed also and the heavens....and then we will see the New Heavens and the New Earth where dwells rightenous...and we will live and rule and reign with Jesus....forever....

God willl have a People who Chooses Him....Glory !!! As for me and my house we will serve the Lord...amen

Mrs. B
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