Re. Dan. 9:27, Could Both Futurist & Fulfilled be Right

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Re. Dan. 9:27, Could Both Futurist & Fulfilled be Right

Postby nonymouse on Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:32 pm

Dear Holly,

How are you?

Have been struggling to see a way forward for your Dad's theory, as the evidence still remains overwhelming, and have come up with the following, which also posted on another site for discussion. Am not sure yet that it is foolproof, but am submitting it for your, and others, perusal.

Please pardon yours truly for what may be overkill, but would like to invite discussion of the following, particularly given that there are two camps regarding Daniel 9:27, futurist and fulfilled. The following explanation may be a middle ground, satisfying (at least some of) the demands of both [note that the "fulfilled" Bible scholars hold to the very real possibility that Jesus' life and death (and glorious resurrection) fulfilled the first 3 1/2 years of the 70th week of Daniel; see link].



Regarding Dan. 9:27, the “he” refers to God and a 2,000 year”gap” theory in the midst of the 70th week, between 9:27a and 9:27b. I.e., God confirmed a covenant with many (the church; i.e., those who believed on Christ) for one week, beginning with Jesus’ 3 1/2 year ministry, then death (middle of the week when He brought an “end to sacrifice and offering.”) Next, gap (2,000 year church age). Last 3 1/2 years, the 42 months of Revelation and Daniel 12.


Note: The KJV uses “and” to begin Dan. 9:27 (not “then”), which might seem to imply that it does not necessarily follow Dan. 9:26a, but is an exposition of Dan. 9:26a. Perhaps a 2,000 year gap in the midst of the 70th week of Daniel as a part of the "mystery" of which the Apostle Paul spoke.


A "fulfilled" perspective: ... 70fufu.htm


P.S. Imho, the hypothesis does not necessarily weaken your dad's theory, as it had solid "signposts," even without the 7-year ENPI, i.e.:

a) the 10-nation WEU
b) rise of a leader from the 10-nation WEU (who, as yet have had no real purpose/function)
c) whose power/authority was linked to the number 666 more than once
d) who has been acknowledged as the "father" of the European Union (also known as the revived Roman Empire by the secular world) by EU politicians themselves
e) who "waxed great" toward the southeast (i.e., the countries of ENP neighbourhood)
f) etc., etc.


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Re: Re. Dan. 9:27, Could Both Futurist & Fulfilled be Right

Postby Holly on Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:05 pm

Hi Nony,

Forgive my belated reply. Thanks for your patience.

I don't think Dan.9:27 gives us any indication of a time gap between the first half and second half of the 70th Week. This is unlike the previous verse, 9:26, which does indicate a large gap of time between the 69th and 70th weeks (Christ's crucifixion and the destruction of Jerusalem occur after the end of the 69th Week but before the start of the 70th Week). Also, if the first 69 years end with Christ's first coming and the 70th Week ends with His second coming, then there must be a gap of time between these two weeks.

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