What's going on?

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What's going on?

Postby Mr Baldy on Fri Jan 15, 2010 11:15 am

Hi Holly,

Today, (January 15, 2010) I logged on and found that one of the Board member's; "eschologizer" to be more specific, a began a new Topic, under the category "What do you think (About news)"; and the Subject was: "WEU will no longer provide future Information".

I hope that I am not out of line in asking this question, but my curiosity arises; in that eschologizer mentioned that the emails that he had been sending to the WEU, and their subsequent responses, had been posted on an "unofficial web-site" ; your name was specifically mentioned - and any future information would not be provided.

I found this a bit strange, and as I was about to post a reply; asking eschologizer to please elaborate....the information that he had originally provided in his post had been removed, and the post was locked. Therefore I was unable to post a reply to his posting.

I hope, and I sincerely mean no disrespect, or pray that I'm not in violation of any rules, and that I am not out of order for asking this question...but What's going on?
Mr Baldy
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Re: What's going on?

Postby Holly on Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:38 pm

Hi Mr. Baldy,

You're not out of line asking this question, but this isn't the forum to do so. If you have a question about a decision the moderators have made, please contact one of them or an administrator.

From what I gather, the WEU Assembly press secretary didn't appreciate the fact that I reprinted one of her e-mails to one of our members. This does not concern me, however, because she is a press secretary and, as such, her correspondence with the public is not private correspondence -- she is representing the WEU Assembly in an official capacity. I don't see why she would be upset that her answer to a question about the WEU was made public. You would think she would be happy to see the media helping her do her job. To me, her reaction suggests that the WEU Assembly is being secretive.

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