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Postby hirutbuddy on Sat Jan 20, 2007 9:58 pm

I was wondering if you could give me some names of some of the true prophets that you know of . I know you told us of the ones you believed were false prophets. Have you heard of Stephen Hansen and if he is a real prophet or false? Thanks. :wink:
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Postby Holly on Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:14 pm

hi hirutbuddy,

I don't believe the Bible teaches that there is anyone who holds the office of prophet today — only people with the New Testament gift of prophecy. To see my views on this, see my blog post:

Psychics, Prophets and Scripture Twisting

So, I can't name anyone who I believe is a prophet, today, in that sense. However, there are many people who have the gift of prophecy. I know of people, in my own life, who I believe have this gift.

I hadn't heard of Stephen Hansen until you mentioned him. I looked at his Web site, however, and have concerns. If you go to this page on his site
Page, you will see a list of topics he doesn't allow to be discussed in his public forum because he believes they're too "controversial." These include: doctrine, original sin and forgiveness (i.e., the gospel), the end times, the antichrist, cults and church history.

The only things he allows people to post are their prophecies and visions. This is troubling. By banning all doctrinal discussions, he is shutting down discernment because doctrine is, simply, the teachings of Scripture. I can't imagine a true prophet of God banning any discussion of doctrine or of original sin and forgiveness. It's odd that he bans any discussion of the end times, too, since the biblical prophets' prophecies were so often about the end times. Equally troubling is his banning of discussions of cults and church history since an understanding of both is crucial to helping people recognize heresies (many heresies in the church today are rehashed from centuries ago). Then Hansen lumps discussion of alien life into his list of banned topics (as if alien life is on the same level as sin, forgiveness and doctrine).

Note that, above this list of banned topics, he also bans people from sharing their insights gained from Scripture. Again, a true prophet of God, I believe, would encourage all these discussions. It seems like there's another spirit at work here.

Anybody who says, in effect, "Give me your prophecies, but leave doctrine and the gospel out because those things are too controversial," is taking people down a dangerous path.
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