Ezekial 38/39, Russia and the US

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Ezekial 38/39, Russia and the US

Postby tangobutler on Fri Jun 16, 2006 1:30 pm

I'm new to this board and not sure if this is the right place to post my question - please let me know if it's OK to ask here. I'm interested in Herb's response, as I just finished reading his book.

When Russia, Iran and their allies are destroyed after they attack northern Israel, is the US also included in this quote:

"And I will send a FIRE on Magog AND AMONG THEM THAT DWELL CARELESSLY IN THE ISLES: and they shall know that I am the Lord" (Ezek 39:6)

In the days of Ezekial, only the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa were known. ALL other land surfaces were known as ISLES. So the US would be included in the definition of ISLES.

Isn't it interesting that in Ezekial 38:22, God destroys the invading armies with "an overflowing rain and great hailstones, fire and brimstone". However, in the second instance He SENDS a FIRE - that might mean someone else will do it - maybe when the Russian armies are attacked, they will retaliate by fire atomic weapons/bombs targeting the US and its allies? And the US would retaliate.

This would allow the Beast to literally take over the world due to a power vacuum. And it might explain the absence of the US in prophecy, other than the "Lions of Tarshish" (US, Canada, Australia) mentioned in Ezekial 38:13.

Herb, what do you make of this line of scripture? What should we be doing? :?
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Ezekial 39 - Russia and US

Postby tangobutler on Fri Jun 16, 2006 3:31 pm

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your replies - what I wanted to say with this message is that America and Canada, etc (the ISLES) are also under God's judgement and as such would also be destroyed when Gog and Magog attack Israel.

There are many interpretations - I just wanted some clarification on this particular clause. We in North America are living "carelessly" - Hurricane Katrina was just a warning!

Glad to be here! :grin:
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Postby Herb on Fri Jun 16, 2006 7:08 pm


You ask an interesting question. Keep in mind, you're asking me to speculate. And, speculation and me don't have a very good history together. But, I'll try. I've always interpreted that passage to be referring to God not only destroying all the invading armies, but also sending a destruction to the lands from where they came -- such as to Russian and Iran.

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