7 year Peace Treaty?

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7 year Peace Treaty?

Postby Mr Baldy on Tue May 15, 2007 8:14 am

Hello Herb,

I would first like to say thank you for all the work that you do in getting information out concerning End Time Prophecy. Im very sure that your hard work and diligence will be greatly rewarded in Heaven.

As a former skeptic of your work, I have to say that I believe you have provided so much evidence that is just completely overwhelming, that I don't see how anyone cannot see what is plainly evident.

What began to convience me was the 10 nation allignment in the WEU. But after seeing how Solana's seat was created from this same empire, I became even more convienced.

Herb, as you may very well know....this is all no mere coincidence.

My question comes from reading so very many questions and/ or articles concerning a comming 7 year peace treaty/agreement; which is among common belief's, will confirmed by the Antichrist.

After reading various articles that you have posted; supported by evidence, and biblical support: (Daniel 9:27), it is clear that the comming AC will "confirm" or "strengthen" a covenant with many. A covenant that has already been in place; hence the confirming process. No where do I read that a "Peace Treaty" or even the AC bringing peace to the Middle East, to include Israel; is supported, or scripturally sound in this confirmation process - as some would have one believe. What I do read is plain. And that is that: "He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven."

Herb, you have been providing some very conviencing evidence to support what you have been reporting. To give you an example, I reviewed your Archives. The Archive dated 12-2006, which I believe may have been on 12-17-2006, shows a picture of Solana stating: "neighbourhood policy is not a substitute for Barcelona process; it rather underpins and deepens it." ( Herb this is a VERY POWERFUL PIECE OF EVIDENCE; in that is shows Solana stating EXACTLY what Scripture said the AC would do). Again, this is just another piece of evidence that shows that the ENP just may be the confirming instrument; which supports what you have been reporting, and may I add that no so-called "7 year Peace Treaty" is mentioned. This so-called 7 year peace agreement could cause, and may have caused, many christians to be looking for a Peace Agreement and or Peace Treaty, and in fact the one seven may have already been initiated.

In closing, Herb could I be missing something in not seeing that a 7 year Peace Treaty/Agreement is what Daniel 9:27 is referring to?
Mr Baldy
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Postby Herb on Fri May 18, 2007 5:41 pm

Mr Baldy

You appear to be seeing the issue as I. The only point I might add is that it appears the covenant does bring a time of peace in order to allow Israel to go back to her sacrifices. Good observations Mr Baldy!

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