70th week

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70th week

Postby stillwaiting on Sun May 13, 2007 3:36 am

Hi Herb

Thanks for answering this question.
If we are in the 70th week, wouldn't we know it because the antichrist is the only one who signs the peace treaty, so therefore there should be peace now for three and a half years. No grand announcements were made and the mid east countries are still talking about a peace treaty so therefore it cannot have happenned yet, so how can we be in the 70th week??


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Postby Herb on Sun May 13, 2007 10:10 am


I'm not saying we are in the 70th week, only that, according to certain facts on the ground, we could be. The issues that you bring up are what's commonly believed, but not necessarily what the prophecies require. Nowhere does it tell us that everyone will recognize the covenant. If that were the case, how could the AC's appearence in the temple come as a surprise? Also, look at the other prophetic events that may have happened unnoticed -- the 10-nation WEU alliance in 1995, the first Mr. Europe in 1999, connected in two places with the number 666 (Dec. 1998, June 2000). When I first began reporting these events, nobody knew about them -- which is funny considering most of our old prophecy books foresaw them. And if the above mentioned events are fulfillments of prophecy, then we should expect them to lead to a covenenat with many confirmed for seven years. Well, the facts on the ground suggest they could have. Starting on Jan. 1, 2007, Mr. Europe's 1995 covenant with many is being strengthened, made strong (confirmed), for a period of seven years. So, for me to stop reporting these historical events now would make no sense. Again, I'm not saying we are in the 70th week, only that the facts may suggest it. I still believe it may be possible another seven-year covenant may show up -- perhaps connected with the Arab Peace Plan. But, until it does, I think we should continuing watching what's already here.

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