Will pay for MP3

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Will pay for MP3

Postby InHim on Thu May 03, 2007 4:32 pm

Hi Herb,

Your work certainly deserves a return, is there a way, now that you have had some experience presenting your insights, that you could produce some MP3s on the topics you discuss?

If you post them on your web site for a fee, that would be fine, I'm sure you would offer them for a fair price, but today most of our information is through pod-casts and mp3s. Less and less people are reading anything longer than an e-mail.

If you would take the time to gather your material, and sit down in front of a microphone, I will be one of your first customers.

If you offer it for free, it will spread farther than your web site. You might also consider multi-language versions.

I would suggest you somehow structure your discourse so that you address the misgivings that pre-trib believers will have on being presented with material suggesting that they may be about to plunge into the last 7 prophetic years of history without their 7 year all you can eat party.

Perhaps point out that the pre-trib rapture theory is not scripturally based, but taken as implied, due to the careful singular interpretations of a couple of select scriptures, and that on the weight of a stream of interpretation stretching back no longer than the last 170 years or so.

Then lay out the broad areas of the prophetic picture, the major players, the fact that they all need to coincide, and then lay out the facts that you have been documenting to show their immanence.

I would guess at this point you better consider getting your message into a more portable format, and in it make sure you say something to address those who may be hearing it later down the road, when due to the continuing deterioration of the PC climate, even in this country, it may no longer be legal to have a website such as yours, and the only message available will be the mp3s copied and circulated on CD to give proof that the Bible did indeed foretell the current events.
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Postby Herb on Fri May 04, 2007 9:25 am


Your idea may be worth serious attention. I have the software to produce mp3s and recently I've been thinking along the same lines. Perhaps you may have confirmed what it is that I should do. Thanks!

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