Ezekiel War 38-39

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Ezekiel War 38-39

Postby barb on Tue May 01, 2007 8:26 pm

Hi Herb!
I am still struggeling with how the Gog Magog war fits into the endtime scenario your speak of (meaning we are already in Daniel's 70th week)? I understand and support your intrepretation of current happenings in the world and Daniel's 70th week/Revelation...........but the only thing that doesn't seem to fit in is the Gog Magog war - which I understand is not the Arrmagedan war in Revelation.

Should the Gog-Magog war be played out first somehow? Can you shed any light on this and how it would fit Ezekiel 38-39 with us being in the current 70th week? Thanks much!
God Bless you!
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Postby Herb on Wed May 02, 2007 10:39 am


Many believe the Ezekiel war could be part of the Armageddon conflict. It happens when Israel is in a time of false peace. The result of the war is God revealing Himself to Israel and the surrounding nations. It also leads to Israel's spiritual rebirth. All of these things are discribed in other passages of prophecy as having to do with Jesus' visible return. So, in my opinion, the approximate timing of this war may be easier to establish now then ever before. Israel and the surrounding nations are now persuing a cooperative security arrangement over the entire region. This fits the prophecy perfectly. I think the problem some of our prophecy teachers are having in placing this war is their desire to defend the pre-trib rapture. I think the facts on the ground are different from what they've been expecting. Once we set aside the pre-trib requirement, recent events may be making the timing of the war much clearer.

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