Posting images on the board via Hotlinking....

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Posting images on the board via Hotlinking....

Postby Abiding in His Word on Fri Apr 27, 2007 4:14 pm

Please be sure the images you choose are designated as "free" images on the web or that you have permission to use them if not. If they are free images, please place them in your own account on a site like photobucket, etc. and link to images there.

Linking directly to an image is a violation of copyrights and is called "hot linking." Here is an exceprt about directly linking to other web sites and the possible consequences. I've also included a link that gives further information.

Bandwidth theft or "hotlinking" is direct linking to a web site's files (images, video, etc.). An example would be using an <img> tag to display a JPEG image you found on someone else's web page so it will appear on your own site, eBay auction listing, weblog, forum message post, etc.

Hotlinking can have a lot of undesirable consequences. One is the so-called "switcheroo". If you've linked to an image on someone's server, what's to prevent them from changing the image you linked to? This can have humorous results. Since most sites, forums, etc. have strict policies about offensive images, it wouldn't take much for an aggravated webmaster you've been stealing bandwidth from to shut you down completely with an unwanted "switcheroo".

Displaying an image or file that doesn't belong to could be a violation of copyright, making you open to litigation. The owner of the file could utilize DMCA law to have your site shut down and your information given for use in legal proceedings.

further info :
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Postby Lookfortruth on Sat Nov 17, 2007 12:34 pm


It has been brought to our attention that there are some sites that allow hotlinking to their sites. Before doing so, examine the integrity of the site first. Places like Nasa would be trustworthy, for instance. If they carry questionable content, they may change images on you by replacing them. If you are satisfied with the integrity of the site, you may hotlink to the image, provided you also post a link to the hotlining rules on that site. This way the FP admins and Mods will know that there will be no bandwidth issues with the image. You can post a link below the image. Due to time restriction for us who serve the FP team, we cannot track down each image, then search each site for Hotlink rules. Because of this, we will have to assume images with no link under them to the exact page displaying the OK, will not have been researched or Ok'd, and will promptly remove them. You can avoid removal of your images by following this procedure. Thanks Everyone, and if you have any questions about this, feel free to PM any of us on the team. :a2:
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