What Is a Missional Hermeneutic?

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What Is a Missional Hermeneutic?

Postby Exit40 on Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:36 am

What Is a Missional Hermeneutic?
Brian D. Russell
Biblical Studies, Mission / Evangelism

A missional hermeneutic is an interpretive approach that privileges mission as the key to reading the Scriptures. Missional hermeneutics works across the spectrum of approaches to the biblical text. It takes seriously the historical situation of the text (“behind the text”). It recognizes the influence of the reader’s social location (“in front of the text”). Yet it is fundamentally rooted in a close reading of the text (“the world of the text”). A missional hermeneutic seeks to hear the Scriptures as an authoritative guide to God’s mission in the world so that communities of faith can participate fully in God’s mission.

At the 2008 meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, G.R. Hunsberger (“Proposals for a Missional Hermeneutic: Mapping the Conversation”) reviewed current proposals on missional hermeneutics and organized them into four categories: The Missional Direction of the Story, The Missional Locatedness of the Readers, The Missional Engagement with Cultures, and The Missional Purpose of the Writings. I have adopted Hunsberger’s categories for the purposes of this essay.

The Missional Direction of the Story

A missional hermeneutic recognizes that the biblical canon tells the story of God’s mission (i.e., missio dei) in and for creation. The story of God’s mission can be summarized as Creation, Fall, Israel, Jesus the Messiah, Church, and New Creation....


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Re: What Is a Missional Hermeneutic?

Postby Abiding in His Word on Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:55 am

Interesting topic, David. I find it interesting especially since it's been nearly impossible to pin down the meaning of the word missional....for me anyway. It seems to mean whatever individual churches/groups/communities want it to mean. It's one of those "buzzwords" that Christians use from time to time and then incorporate it into their Statements of Faith and/or the "About" section of their web site to define of the type of church they are.

I've not heard or seen it used referencing a model of hermeneutic, but it is mentioned in #7 of the Dictionary of Christianese. He rightly (imo) calls the word one of a "fad" word much like the term Jesus-freak did years ago.
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