My New Age Apartment Manager

My New Age Apartment Manager

Postby stitchincricket on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:09 pm

My New Age Apartment Manager

Hello all,

I have an odd situation, my apartment manager is a 73 year old woman in poor health whom I have talked to numerous times about the Lord Jesus Christ, how I came to be saved, etc. My husband and I have been living here since 1997 and she's been here the whole time. Well, she's always been odd. She pops pills, smokes cigarettes and pot and claims she's a deeply devoted Christian (don't think so). Anyway she told me the other day she was going to go to a "class" so I asked what kind of class it was. she tells me it's some theta brainwave healing. Well she's known my whole past involvement in the occult, how I was saved, etc. I told her straight up that "This is all just new age occult garbage." Got some blank stares. I told her that you're going to go to that and open up something you can't close! It's of satan. I told her satan can appear as an angel of light. Well, she starts to defend this tripe, telling me, "I'm going to be doing it all in Jesus' name and through Jesus, it wont matter what the person doing it believes!?!" I said, "God's not going to be anywhere in that."

The next day I took her some printed up some resources I found on the web by people who were involved in this garbage and were exposing it. She was very interested in reading it and said she appreciated my concern for her. I saw her the next day, she had read the material and told me, " I'm in complete agreement with you and the material you gave me. I'm not going to go to the class. Well fast forward a week and I found out yesterday that she ended up going to it anyway. I went and talked to her and she was all telling me how that, "There was no hypnosis (which I never alluded there was) and no "bad" things. It was all "good"(right)." and how that "I'm feeling better that I ever have, can't you look at me and see and hear the difference in me?" I just sat there looking at her, not dignifying her with a response.

Then she started in on this whole thing with Jesus being the first Adam with the original sin and I'll tell you I felt the Holy Spirit well up in me. She goes on saying, "Well Jesus came back you know. Don't you believe we can come back (reincarnation)?" I gave her a matter of fact look and said, "No, he didn't, there is NO reincarnation, we don't come back!" "We don't? And how do you know that!?", she said drawing her head back with a very smug, coy look. "God told me, that's all I need to know!" I reinformed her of how I very strongly believed in reincarnation for all of my adult life (about twenty years), which she had already known. It dictated every aspect of my waking and sleeping life, I had websites dedicated to trying to convince and convert others into believing it was true! My whole life is one huge living witness for Christ Jesus when you know my past! (Amen!)

I had to vent on this to my brothers and sisters in Christ, I have turned it over to the Lord God, as I am done casting my pearls before swine. I really feel like God is going to do like he did with me in this almost exact situation and turn her over to her own devices. I went to a similar type of class type of new age thing. People warned me but I was, like her, ripe with arrogance and self assuredness. My entire life fell apart and I lost almost everything I had. Once I was at that point of complete brokeness, then God could reach me. He finally did, because those things all had to be thown off to the side to make it possible. I pray for her salvation, because I've walked the long dark road she's taking and it's an ugly path that not many are able to step off of and she doesn't have a lot of years left. By the way if anyone wants to pray for her, too, her name is Geralda.


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Re: My New Age Apartment Manager

Postby daffyladysson on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:15 pm

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Re: My New Age Apartment Manager

Postby GodsStudent on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:05 pm

Its terribly tough to witness in certain circumstances, I can certainly empathize with you on this one. I have a friend who I grew up with who knows of some of my medical "stuff" and was adament that I should go and see a certian hypnotist in our area. This friend and I grew up together going to the same church and schools throughout our childhoods. Both of our families were very active in the church and we were there all the time....problem is, not much "stuck" from our years of going to church together.

This friend went deeply into the stuff he experienced before and after seeing this hypnotist. He is "completely healed now" as a result of this man's hypnotizing him. There is and was no way I could get him to look at this experience any way other than as if it were incredible. He has been "healed" and now he is 100% behind the movement of hypnotism. Strange thing is, I've known this guy my whole life and he's changed, alright. He was beligerent and downright disrespectful to his kids, and his whole disposition has changed to a strong, but scarier version of him....He was, of course, very nice to me, but his whole presence is different, his attitudes are different and he is not the same guy I have known for years. :cry:
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