Thank you, Lord, for letting me keep on walking!

Thank you, Lord, for letting me keep on walking!

Postby WhiteH2OWoman on Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:11 pm

Thank you for letting me keep walking...when others with my same medical condition are using motorized chairs or are in hospital beds. I really don't mind carrying a cane, because it is so useful for training dogs and reaching things on shelves!

Thank you for what you have given me...when I've had far less, and many others have less.

Thank you for letting me be an instrument that you use...I feel so privileged to know You!

And thank you for telling me--through a doctor today--that I MUST rest from kayaking sit-inside boats and from doing weight training for a full 2-3 weeks if I want my artificial knee and neck to heal and relieve pain.

Thank you for the rest, Lord, and for permission to quit driving my body so hard. Thank you so very much!

And thank you also for letting it be OK to paddle on sit-on-top kayaks right now, if I don't overdo it.

I'm going to do a full 3 weeks off, just to be on the safe side, Lord.

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