God is good

God is good

Postby jgilberAZ on Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:34 am

I just wanted to pass this email on to the board. God still does miracles. Please keep this couple in your prayers.


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Fervently pray for salvation while there is still breath. And for healing for many breaths more.

Pastor Doug
James 5:15-16

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A co-worker and friend with his wife were in a horrible motorcycle accident last evening on the 101 freeway. They are both in ICU. It was bad. They closed the freeway. One report said they were doing 80mph. Neither were wearing helmets. Their names are Keith and Laura. They have a new baby less than one year old. I don't believe that they are saved.

Please pray.



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Pastor, Can you please forward this update to our prayer warriors? Thanks.


Thanks very much for your prayers. My friends are going to survive. There will probably be a long and rather uncomfortable recovery, but the Lord has seen fit to spare their lives. Keith took the worst of it. I was able to speak with Keith last night. This man, who was reluctant to talk about the Lord before, noticed my Bible in my hand and asked me to pray for him (I was going to anyway :^) ). After I prayed for him, he also asked me to find his wife (who was in another room) and pray for her also. His heart has softened towards the Lord. Please pray for their continued healing and, of course, their salvations. His wife was released to her Mom's house this afternoon so that she could be with her baby. She will have to go to the Hospital every day for treatments. But that is an amazing answer to prayer considering her condition last night.

Thanks for your prayers. Keep praying.

With much love,


God is good.

- Jeff
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Postby ChurchGirl on Mon Aug 27, 2007 12:16 pm

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Lord, thank you! You are an awesome and mighty God, who's mercies endure forever. You are the only light in my dark world and I praise you through the storm! Thank you Jesus!
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