The Jehova Witness and the Flower Nursery

The Jehova Witness and the Flower Nursery

Postby lisa68 on Sat Jun 23, 2007 8:28 pm

I just have a quick little praise report.

My husband and I were in a flower nursery getting some plants for our deck. My husband was keeping an eye on our 3 year old so I could concentrate to make a decision, when a woman came up to me. She said I have been watching your family and you are so happy. I saw your husband over there, smiling (my husband thinks it was probably one of those frozen, 'will you hurry up and pick one' smiles). You are smiling. Your little boy is happy and behaving so well. I just had to go to my car and get some tracts.

Tracts. I hadn't seen Christians give out tracts in a long long time, but I said, 'oh, thank you - the reason why we are so happy is because of Jesus, He brought us together and is truly the center of our lives'.

Her tone of voice totally changed, kind of mean as she asked if we had ever spoken to a Jehova's Witness before. I said yes, we have as I started realizing she was not a Christian. I asked if she was a Jehova's Witness. She seemed mad and told us that yes she was and that we really should sit down sometime and have a conversation with a JH.

We were a little caught off gaurd, but when she walked away we noticed that all eyes were on us. All of the other customers heard the conversation and most importantly that Jesus is the source of our joy!

We are so grateful that God used us that day to bring glory to His name!


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Postby Salty Skipper on Sat Jun 23, 2007 8:31 pm

Glory be to our Lord! Maybe that lady (and the others) will think about the statement you made. :grin:
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