Hallelujah! Discriminated against for Christ's sake!

Hallelujah! Discriminated against for Christ's sake!

Postby daffyladysson on Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:26 am

I believe the Bible teaches that we must take one day off of work per week. It common knowledge that the Disciples kept Sunday as the holy day.
Here is an interaction with a Goodwill cashier I had yesterday.

It took the lone cashier about 5 minutes to eventually get to the register.
I asked the cashier, older lady, how she was doing and she said that she was quite busy.
I asked if they were hiring.
She said yes
I asked if the workers are required to work on Sundays.
She said yes
I said "shoot"
She said, "If you do not want to work on Sundays you should not apply to work in retail."
I said, "yeah its tough to find places that allow you to not work Sundays"
She said, "Its discriminatory to allow you to not work on Sundays while the rest of the workers are "required" to work on Sundays."
I then stated, It is discrimination against me to not hire me based my religion based belief of not working Sundays."
The only thing she could do was look at me with a stunned open jawed expression.

I had laugh when I got to the car.
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