Letter from Said Musa, what happend in prison.

Letter from Said Musa, what happend in prison.

Postby Christisalive on Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:32 am

Said Musa, an Afghan man who was arrested in May and threatened with execution for becoming a follower of Jesus.

He was released from prison (Praise our Lord Jesus) i found this letter on the internet what happend
Excerpt from a Letter from Prison
“I want to tell you. A person whose accused of murder, he’s sleeping in front of me in the corridor of jail. He’s a hundred percent extremist and has discrimination with my religion. He’s a Talib person. One night he wants to suicide himself… I prayed for him more and more. I told him please be patient… Please believe in Jesus Christ, he’s the only person to forgive you and save you and release you from this jail… The first time he began screaming and insulting me. He told me you’re not clean, you’re not a Muslim. But I told him, oh my friend and brother. Please think about my word… Then I prayed for him since the middle night. He woke up from sleep and sit on his place. All the prisoners were in sleep. He came near my bed and sat and told me. Please forgive me brother. You’re really true person. I have seen wonderful dreams. A very light person spoke with me. He was an amazing person. I fell down on my knee and to the ground. He told me, please believe in your friend Said Musa. I am Lord Jesus Christ. I forgive you now. I can’t speak on that moment and shaking my body from fear and afraid and then I woke up. He told me, now I have believe in Jesus Christ.”

Full letter:

Please pray and sign petition for our other brother Shoib Assadullah he still is in afganistan prison, and might be put to death.


This is how we battle on our knees, side by side with our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ our Lord.
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Re: Letter from Said Musa, what happend in prison.

Postby drdos on Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:00 pm

Praying for this dear Brother!
Here is another persecuted brother needing our prayers..
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Re: Letter from Said Musa, what happend in prison.

Postby 4givenmuch on Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:39 pm

Thank You JESUS!!!! Abba, I pray for millions more to see You and love You!
Seek Humility!
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