Mortgage modification & son's improvement

Mortgage modification & son's improvement

Postby tillenterprises on Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:43 pm

Just a couple quick praise reports! Like many, at the advice of our broker, we got into an A.R.M. mortgage, with the goal of paying a lower mortgage payment for a few years, while we pay off a few debts and build our credit, and then refinance our home into a 30 year mortgage. That was in 2005. The ARM reset in January 2009, and the payment went up as expected, while we couldn't refinance due to our home value dropping. To make a long story short, we've been in constant contact with our mortgage company over the last few months and it has been like talking to a wall. After telling us they could lock our rate or lower our rate for up to 5 years, they then told us there was no way to modify our loan, and we were stuck. They would tell us one thing, and then tell us something completely opposite the next time I would speak to them. All the while, my business has been slow, too. I called the 700 Club for prayer, and the person who answered to pray with me, just happened to have the same mortgage company I have, and had the exact same problem with them! I know this was God directing things, to think that out of all the many prayer partners they have working at CBN, that I would speak to somebody who had the same problem with the same company we have. She had such a sense of peace about her, and she said she knew the Lord would intervene and cause her to have favor with the mortgage company, even though she had fallen behind and her home was already listed for auction! They locked her in a low rate, and saved her home, and she told me what to do to get them to work with me. Lo and behold, I followed her advice, redid my financials with them, and today I was told that I qualify for a loan modification to lower my interest rate and lock it in! God is so good!

The other praise report is for my 9 year old son, who has been struggling with a vision problem that causes his eyes to not be able to converge and focus. As a result, homework had been a nightmare, he couldn't concentrate in school, and was falling way behind his classmates. We didn't know what the problem was at first and thought he may have some other "issues." We've been praying at our church and also with a CBN prayer partner about this, and we got a call from a stranger who became a business client of mine who had a son with exactly the same problem as ours. She recommended a local Christian vision therapy center, and after just a few weeks, my son is now doing well in homework, paying attention at school, and getting good grades! Praise Jesus!

BTW, If anybody has a child who people think might be ADD, you might want to have his or her eyes checked for convergence problems!
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Re: Mortgage modification & son's improvement

Postby Abiding in His Word on Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:48 pm

Love praise testimonies! Thank you for sharing those, tillenterprises!

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