Deception in Da Vinci Code!

Deception in Da Vinci Code!

Postby PetriFB on Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:44 pm

It is apparent from Dan’s book that he wants to change the history convenient for himself ( to be in line with Gnosticism). As a student of many religions he does not only write fiction because in spite of the errors of the book concerning the Bible and Jesus, there were also historical facts in the book. Dan also as a student of spirituality (he says that he studies all religions) markets (pushes forward) his faith on others through the novel, very clever, isn’t it?

In his book Brown clearly brings up the elements, that Christianity has changed the original values that have prevailed in the world and that we should return to these values. The things that should be restored are:

- faith in goddesses

- faith in sacred feminine

- forsake your faith in the Bible and have faith in the Gnosticism

- prepare your mind to receive antichrist's religion

- attack against real disciples of Jesus Christ and word of God

The Bible prophesies that in the last days the same things will happen as is the message of Dan Brown’s book. The Bible shoes that they are the fruit of apostasy and work of darkness; while Dan Brown considers them divine “enlightening”.

Dan Brown shows the way to goddess worship. The Bible prophesies that mankind is reigned by many whores (religions), whose source of strength is mother religion, that elevates herself to a queen. This mother religion makes woman a goddess, whish means, that the ancient goddess faith returns to deceive the mankind. That suits well the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, since the Roman Church has taught all through its’ history that Mary is the queen of heaven. In Babylon this queen of heaven was Semiramis, she was also a goddess. The goddess cult came from Babylon, and was called Isis in Egypt, Astarte in Phoenicia, Afrodites in Greece and Venus in Rome (Isis was worshipped in Rome, too). The teaching of the Roman Catholic Church about Mary is just the same as the above mentioned religions have. The Catholic Church says that it only respects Mary, not worships her, but the truth is that is some prayers of the Catholic Church Mary is described as the mediator of salvation, through the intercession of whom a Catholic will go to the glory of resurrection. This is why the Catholics pray (and worship) Mary.

Dan Brown brings up the idea of sacred feminity that includes faith in the goddess and divinity that is accomplished through man uniting with woman in sexual intercourse. The Bible teaches that in the last days the mankind is seized with pleasures (Greek: philedonos – a friend of hedonism) and that they love pleasures more than they love God. After mentioning the pleasures, the Bible continues straight to teaching that people have a form of godliness but they deny the power thereof. The mankind in the last days is seized with sexual pleasures and people approve of almost all kind of sexuality, also homosexuality.

In Dan Brown’s websites there is his interview concerning the book Da Vinci Code. In this interview Dan Brown says that he is a student of all religions. This statement of his is aptly describes the people in the last days; they have a form of godliness but still they forsake the real power and true God. This is exactly how the Bible describes the people in the last days; they regard themselves as divine but the power of God is not good enough for them and they choose deception and the power of apostasy. The people in the last days are happy with any religion and any belief except the belief in the God of the Bible. The mankind in the last days is thus in the spirit of polytheistic tolerance in which each can choose to himself a way of his own to believe having itching ears and all will do except the God of the Bible. Jesus said that all peoples will hate His disciples in the last days. This is undoubtedly partly because Jesus’ disciples will not approve of the wrong polytheistic divinity of the last days.
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