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Postby st louis steve on Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:07 pm

CNN says multiple sources are claiming that the White House is ready to clear out the communications office, which many believe has been the source of a lot of leaking. There have also been rumors that Trump has wondered why he needs a communications team at all since he’s so good at communications.

More from CNN:

The White House is poised to purge lower-level staffers from its communications office, multiple sources said, following weeks of uncertainty about the future of the embattled team.

President Donald Trump has weighed in on the restructuring of an office he has increasingly rendered obsolete, a senior White House official said. Trump’s involvement, as well as the input of several other senior staffers, in deciding how to thin the ranks of his communications team has delayed a reorganization effort that has been in the works for months, the senior official added.

Chief of staff John Kelly and other senior staffers had initially planned to make multiple personnel changes to the communications office simultaneously. But internal strain made the continued presence of Kelly Sadler, former director of White House surrogates, untenable in the office, and she was the only communications aide terminated on Tuesday, the senior official said.

Is he actually kicking out the DEEP STATE operatives in the White House?!??!
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