Carjackings on the rise in the city of St. Louis

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Carjackings on the rise in the city of St. Louis

Postby st louis steve on Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:42 am

ST.LOUIS, Mo. ( - Carjackings remain a problem in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

In the last month, Metro officers have responded to at least 30 carjackings.

One of St. Louis's most recent carjacking sent officers to the 1300 block of Hoidamont Avenue in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood.

From Nov. 2016 to Nov. 2017, investigators looked at more than 200 carjackings in St. Louis city, an average of 17 carjackings a month.

News 4 reported in August about a delivery driver for Dad’s Cookies who was robbed at gunpoint before two people took off with the company’s unmarked cargo van.

“The passenger just jumped out, put a gun to his head, and said drop the keys. And he did. And they took off,”

News 4 spoke with a resident of Tower Grove after a recent carjacking.

“People look for people sitting in their car, not paying attention, that have their flashers on, that have their heads down on their phone, and they basically kind of sneak up on you and try to rob you and steal your car,” the resident said.

Stay tuned to News 4 for the latest updates on violent carjackings in St. Louis. ... f-st-louis
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