Accused of ... Jus’ Bein’ Christian

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Accused of ... Jus’ Bein’ Christian

Postby Exit40 on Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:13 am

The Dangerous Questions Christians Aren’t Asking.

Natural disasters and man-made tragedies are vying for Christians’ attention these days. As usual, they’re busy trying to insert their religious notions into all of these events–sometimes innocently and sometimes out of a desire to grandstand. But in their rush to attribute their survival or escapes from these events, they’re forgetting to ask some very key questions. This omission is deliberate; they’ve been carefully taught to avoid all of the uncomfortable questions that’d reveal that their religion is a farce. It’s been going on since long before I was a Christian, and nothing seems like it’ll stop them from using perfectly earthly events as props for their faith. But I’ll show you how we can find those questions today–and you’ll likely never hear Christians’ prayers or breathless tales of escape again without thinking of them, if you weren’t already in the habit.

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Re: Accused of ... Jus’ Bein’ Christian

Postby Jericho on Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:03 am

I've read most of it. The writer claims he was once a Christian who departed from the faith in the 90s. So I'm guessing he's an atheist now, one who is antagonistic towards Christianity at that. The main focus is around a Christian themed movie I have never seen before, so I can't comment on that. But it has brought up things I have thought about before.

I noticed that non-believers have issues with people asking for prayers in times of disasters. Perhaps they think they are empty platitudes, I don't know. To a degree that might be true. I think more often than not when people say pray for such and such, its equivalent to saying "God bless you" when someone sneezes. It's done more out of tradition, than actual faith. Regardless, I have no problems with people saying it. I'm more interested in the response of the non-believer. For instance, there is a person on my Facebook that has shared a post essentially mocking prayer, it was something about praying to an imaginary friend, while having real problems. But sarcasm and cynicism sure wont help any. This person is always complaining about something going wrong in her life.

As a Christian we understand why bad things happen. We understand that when Adam allowed sin to enter the world, then all the bad things followed, including natural disasters, sickness, death, wars, etc. I hear people say that God is in control, but I respectfully disagree. God is not in control of everything (yet). If He were things would be a lot different. Satan is control of this world (to a degree). He is called the god of this world, and the whole world is under his sway. This is because when Adam cooperated with Satan, it gave him certain authority over this world for a certain duration of time. Even Micheal the archangel respected this authority by not rebuking Satan directly, when disputing over the body of Moses. God also respects authority. There are certain spiritual laws that God has put into place, that He himself will not change. We think God can do whatever he wants, and technically He can, however he does impose self-limitations on Himself that even He wont violate. It is like king Darius who made the decree that condemned Daniel to death in the lion's den. The king didn't know it was a plot against Daniel, and he didn't want Daniel to die. But once the King made a decree, not even he could break it. It is the same way for the spiritual laws God put into place. Satan found a way to exploit those laws, because He knew God is a just God and would not break something He put into place. I bring this up because there is a reason why God is allowing certain things to happen. But there is coming a day when that's all going to change. When God created this world it was perfect, and he is bringing it into perfection again, but it is a process. In the meantime, choices have consequences, and when Adam made his choice to yield to Satan, it had consequences that have reverberated down throughout time.

The point I'm trying to make is that bad things happen to us all. It rains on the just and unjust alike. When Christ died on the cross, the atonement package provided for salvation and healing, but it didn't provide against trials and tribulations. Jesus said in this world we would have tribulation. This is true for the saved and unsaved alike. We only have to look at all the stuff they went though in the New Testament... Christ was crucified, the apostles were beaten and jailed, Paul was likely beheaded in prison, and according to Christian tradition, all but John was martyred for their faith. The difference between the believer and the unbeliever, is we have something to hold onto to help us, the very things that the world mocks. But it is things like prayer that help us to go through the storms in life, and not stay in them. It helps to overcome whatever obstacles we face. So let the mockers mock, as for me I'll keep my faith and my prayers thank you very much.
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