How to stay safe during a car break-in

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How to stay safe during a car break-in

Postby st louis steve on Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:56 pm

By Rob Sneed, Reporter


How to stay safe during a car break-in ... r-break-in

ST. LOUIS, Missouri (KMOV) - Car break-ins have risen drastically in the city. In downtown St. Louis, they are up 20.8 percent from last year according to police. In the entire city, car break-ins are up 9.2 percent.

“The person could be carrying some kind of weapon. There could be more than one person," said Florissant police officer Craig Dehart. "More people than you know are involved in the incident. You could put yourself in harm’s way."

Dehart says do not try to stop the thief if you see them breaking into your vehicle, stay back and call police. Also, it's important to remember to get a good physical description of the suspect and their getaway car. Lastly, pay attention to the direction the suspect flees.

“We don't know what their intention is going to be," Dehart said. "Property can be replaced. People can’t.”
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