Does this 1335 day theory make sense?

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Does this 1335 day theory make sense?

Postby kirthril on Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:43 am

This stems from a discussion on the debate forum, but I don't want to debate on this just asking if this can be plausible.

In Daniel 11:21-45 we are shown that the Antichrist attacks Egypt 3 different times. After the second try the AC and his forces abolish the daily sacrifices and then set up the AOD. So the abolishing and setting up is one event. After this Egypt attacks the AC and loses, the AC then turns around, and begins the holocaust of Israel as he only now establishes himself in the holy land.

Now. we are told in scripture several things:
1. From the time of the abolishing of sacrifice and the AoD, from THAT time, there will be 1290 days
2. The AC will reign for 1260 days
3. Remnant of Israel protected 1260 days
4. One needs to wait till end of 1335.
5. 7th trumpet signals end of AC's rule and beginning of Gods wrath (bowl judgments)

So let me put down my timeline:

Day 1: Abolishing of Sacrifices, AoD, AC beings reign
Day 1-30: War vs Egypt and Egypt utterly defeated
Day 30: AC turns his attention and begins holocaust of Israel
Day 30-1290: Remnant protected, but greater Israel under great tribulation
Day 1260: 7th trumpet, AC's authority cast down, Jesus returns, Gods wrath begins
Day 1260-1290: 30 days of Gods wrath and Christ war campaign against the nations gathered
Day 1290: Both remnant of wilderness and those in Jerusalem free and safe
Day 1290: Jesus establishes rule on earth
Day 1290-1335: Sheep/Goat judging of the survivors of the nations
Day 1335: Blessed are those who enter the 1000 yrs.

So for my understanding several things:

1. Israel, those who heed God's warning, will have 30 days to flee into the wilderness as the AC attacks Egypt. After he wins, it will be too late to flee because the Ac will have used Israel as a staging ground for his assault on Egypt, and now there is no path left to escape.

2. The AOD and Abolishing mentioned in Daniel looks to be one event that happens one after the other, even though the wording of Jesus makes it seems as though they are separated by a long period of time (depends on how you view the word "and" as well as "from the")

3. The 1260 day protection period of the remnant begins after the defeat of Egypt and ends after/during the bowl judgments of Gods wrath as Jesus wages war.

4. 30 days between the end of the Ac's rule and Jesus establishing his physical kingdom. 30 days of gods wrath, the bowl judgements, and the apocalyptic battles that Jesus wages across the middle east (yes he wages war in more nations than just the believed Israel/Jordan).

5. 45 days of the judging of the nations. 45 days for people, those who have survived God's wrath, to make their way to Israel to be judged on how they took care of (sheep) or mistreated (goats) Gods people during their hour of trial. 45 days to cleanse the temple and begin cleanup operations for the men of Israel.

6. On day 1335 the 1000yr reign begins, thus blessed are they that reach that day.

This kind of just popped into my head during my discussion on another forum. It is a different hypothesis than what we are all used to since I include the war vs Egypt and its duration in this timeline as I think that is very important. So could I be on target? Slightly off cue? Or did I kick soccer ball in my own net?
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