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Question for you folks...

Postby Bascababy on Fri Jan 30, 2004 4:20 am

This may sound dumb, but I can't help but think about it. Say that we do go through the trib. I don't worry about myself. If I had to die to stand for my belief in Christ I know I would. What concerns me are my children, not just mine but all of them. My 9 year old I know has accepted Christ, and with time will continue to grow in him. Then I have a little 4 year old stinker who doesn't get it yet. What do you think will happen to the kids? <br>
This is twisted maybe, but what if I were killed for my beliefs and my kids were left there standing in horror? What if they were swayed to take the mark and did not fully understand what it was or what it means? I'm not just thinking about my kids here...there are going to be so many helpless little children who don't know or understand. How will a 5 year old know and understand what this mark is? The Bible makes it clear as to what happens to those who have this mark. <br>
This is one of those things that makes my heart sad. I love little kids, they are so sweet, the way they think is wonderful and how trusting they are of what grown ups say is unbelievable. <!--EZCODE IMAGE START--><img src=""/><!--EZCODE IMAGE END--> <p></p><i></i>

Re: Question for you folks...

Postby mrshalfcent on Fri Jan 30, 2004 4:43 am

I think that if you can trust the Lord for yourself, why can't you do the same in regards to your children? At least that is how I think about it. I have wondered the same. <br>
But I know the Lord has it all taken care of. NOT a blind leap of faith but because scripture tells us over and over he will keep us through trial come what may.<br>
I think of this passage in Ecclesiastes 6:8 'Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, an the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.' <br>
Just trust in the Lord and know that His appearing is soon and be patient....he will reward you in this life and the life to come.<br>
laura <p><>< <>< <><<br>
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Thankyou Bascababy!</p><i></i>

what make you so sure....

Postby Woodhenot on Fri Jan 30, 2004 5:26 am

What you said:<br>
If I had to die to stand for my belief in Christ I know I would. <br>
What makes you so sure you would die for Christ?<br>
If you think you have strong Faith, you just tempted the Devil to come after you...<br>
Peter told Jesus, I would never betray you, he denied Jesus 3 times.<br>
All I am saying is, be careful what you say, you could be tested today or tomorrow and deny Jesus like Peter did...<br>
I had friends who bragged they have stronger faith than others, then the next thing you know, they were tested and it wasnt pretty.<br>
Woody<*(())>< <p></p><i></i>

Re: what make you so sure....

Postby Bascababy on Fri Jan 30, 2004 7:33 am

I am not talking about day to day stuff. There was a time in my life where I chose worldly pleasures over doing the right thing. So I've been there done that. I hope and pray that I don't do that again. I live with the shame of knowing that I did that and also with consequences of things I did during that time. <br>
There is a major difference to me between the here and now and what is to come. Ever since I was little I have heard about "the mark" and its meaning. Even when I strayed I believe I would not have taken the mark if put in that mother did a good job of instilling the severity of that in me I guess. I believe that if push came to shove and I was told "take the mark or you will die..." I know the end result if I were to choose the mark, and that would not be my choice. What makes you so sure I would not? It is not meant to be arrogance on my part to say what I said at all. <br>
Anyway, anyone else have any thoughts about the children...would God hold them responsible if it was forced upon them? <p></p><i></i>

about children

Postby Woodhenot on Fri Jan 30, 2004 8:21 am

I believe the Bible says, those who worship the Beast and take his mark....<br>
if kids are taught about Jesus. I don't think they would worship the beast even though they might not understand what the Mark is for. We might not even be here for that, who knows....its a good question. I have a 7 year old and a 6 year old and Ive already taught them all this and they have Jesus in their hearts. They are already saved. I am not worried, because Jesus made a promise to protect us. I think Harry Potter is like the "Mark" got to teach your kids away from evil, witchcraft, sorcery, etc....and God will protect...<br>
Woody<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src= ALT=":)"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <p></p><i></i>

Re: about children

Postby Bascababy on Fri Jan 30, 2004 8:30 am

Thanks much have you told your kids? I started telling my daughter bits and pieces about a year ago...she gets scared easily so I have been weaning her into the ideas. That was also when I was totally pre-trib, now I am seeking more because I think that might not be totally correct. Kind of a hard thing to explain to your little one why you believed something a year ago and are now thinking that pre-trib might be off? Hmmmmmm...... <p></p><i></i>

Kids stuff

Postby Woodhenot on Fri Jan 30, 2004 9:16 am

I tell my kids some trib. stuff, but I tell them Jesus could be coming soon and we will see him in the clouds. My kids understand the rapture, but not detailed.They know the world is bad. They know they are safe with Jesus. <br>
I pray all the time that God will keep me and my family together for his return, that he would protect us from whatever is to come and for us to be alive to see his return. It doesnt hurt to do that...I do know that somewhere in the bible, God says if you teach your children to grow in christ, he will make sure they stay in Christ...something like that....I really do believe that if you pray for protection everyday and a tornado comes, your house would be the only left standing. God does protect you, but we all must pray for it daily.<br>
Nice sharing with you...Im sure everything will be fine for us Christian kids...just dont forget to keep up with the prayers. <br>
Woody <p></p><i></i>

about children

Postby blessedayers on Fri Jan 30, 2004 10:25 am

I will admit up front that even as a child, "who had no other leading but the written word", I never believed that we would not be here during tribulation. <br>
It isn't an example that has been set for us in Gods word.<br>
So in thinking about my loved ones I have had plenty of time to come to the understanding that we have only to plant the seed and water by example.........God causes it to grow.<br>
We as parents and grandparents can only lead by example. I have had to realize that the only way I can truly help my child is to turn her over to the hands of God, and pray. <br>
Beyond that I am doing us both a great disservice. <br>
I let her go in order that she learn to practice the faith that I have tried to instill in her, which allowed me to practice the faith that I claimed to have.<br>
So having said all that.........if we have enough faith to die for our beliefs, we should have enough faith to trust the Lord in the area of our loved ones left behind. Because only He can cause them to grow in Him.<br>
After all.......who in their right mind would willingly die for a lie? Our willingness to die for the truth will only testify to those who know and love us.......the world will continue to think we are nuts.<br>
Thats why our example is so important right now.<br>
love and prayers jody <p></p><i></i>

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