World Council of Churches Demonizes Israel - Again

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World Council of Churches Demonizes Israel - Again

Postby Exit40 on Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:45 am

World Council of Churches Demonizes Israel - Again
Does the German Protestant Church Know What It Is Doing?
by Thomas Smith February 23, 2016 at 5:00 am ... hes-israel

Usually, in regular Lenten services, solemn memories of divine mercy on the sinners of the world take center stage for Christians. But not in this liturgy. Center stage was instead given to committing a sin of evil speech: launching a lie about an Israeli-made water shortage suffered by Palestinians. The lie is a sin in which all the member churches of the WCC are invited to participate.

Those leaders of Protestant churches, turned into political propagandists, used the pulpit of Jerusalem unjustly to call upon the Protestant faithful worldwide to listen to Palestinian water libels against the State of Israel.

This liturgy abused the biblical readings as a means of invigorating the equally false Kairos Palestine message, that Israel takes the Land of Palestine and has no right to be where it is.

A close look shows no scientific analysis, neither of water distribution nor of water politics for the territories of Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The Palestinians certainly are experiencing a water crisis; the question is to what extent are they themselves are responsible for it, and to what extent are their own leaders responsible for keeping them as victims for effective international "marketing."...

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Re: World Council of Churches Demonizes Israel - Again

Postby kirthril on Sat Feb 27, 2016 5:47 am

Does the German Protestant Church Know What It Is Doing?

The answer is no. They have never known what they are doing. Germany has a bad history when it comes to siding with evil over good.

It was the german Lutherans that began the "protestant reformation" that led to the great division of God's church.
It was the german Lutherans that sided with the Islamic ottomans against the catholic church while islam was rampaging across Europe.
It was the germans who again sided with the ottomans during world war one
It was the germans who allied with muslims win world war 2, forming Islamic Nazi brigades that were some of the most brutal towards the jews. It was also a muslim that convinced hitler that exporting jews wasn't enough, they had to be exterminated.

And now we have Germany at it again. History is repeating yet again. It is using the EU to achieve the domination of Europe it has always wanted, holding nations hostage through economic means. It once again is aiding islam against the church and against Europe.

Do not be surprised if the german Government sides with the AC in the final war. Germany has been a thorn in Europe's side since its beginning. Lets hope the people of Germany get rid of their false leadership.
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