Will Something Bad Happen to America? — What Herb Thinks

I’m really concerned about America. According to recent reports, not only may American forces find themselves in a ground war with Iraq, they may have to contend with North Korea as well. Read about it here. And, North Korea would be a very formidable advisory to confront — even without having to deal with Iraq.

Here’s why this concerns me so much: As you know, prophecy appears to say 10 kings from a revived Roman Empire will take America’s place on the world stage.

And, if you’ve been following my commentaries, you know that I believe there are forces at work in the European Union that are attempting to fulfill these prophecies and desire to take America’s place as the world’s dominant superpower.

In the last half of 2000, under the French presidency and direction of the Council’s Secretary General and High Representative, Javier Solana, a 10-nation military alliance was officially installed within the Council to become the military wing of the European Union.

One thing, however, is standing in the way of Europe’s dream to become a global superpower — America. You see, as long as America remains militarily dominant in the world, these 10 nations will never achieve the political will to arrive where prophecy predicts because they still would rather America spend her money for military than themselves.

Nevertheless, we know that God’s Word doesn’t fail — the foretold 10-horned kingdom of the beast will someday come. And, when I consider the prophecies related to God’s plans for Israel, I don’t believe that day is far away.

In other words, I’m afraid something bad may happen to America — something that will make the Europeans finally get serious about their security. Perhaps even something so big could happen that it would allow the EU’s new leader of foreign and security policy to invoke the emergency powers provided in Recommendation 666.

Of course, there are other ways for God’s Word to be fulfilled.

Let’s pray for America.

— Herb Peters