What’s Wrong With America is Religion

Javier Solana, the European Union’s first high representative of foreign policy, has finally come out and said what he thinks — the problem with America is religion. In fact, Solana believes the real reason the US and the EU are drifting apart is because America is too religious (Read about it here).

If you’ve been following my commentaries, you know that this is what I’ve been saying all along. Now, Solana has finally come out in the open and admitted it, too.

In fact, in one of my commentaries I even used the same example Solana used — the Western world’s war against terror. (Read it here). This is some of what I wrote:

Most Europeans see evil very differently than do most Americas. A good example of this difference can be seen in the Western world’s war against terrorism. When George W. Bush declared war against terrorism, America’s European allies immediately declared their full support. Not only that, they even invoked, for the first time in NATO’s history, the mutual defense provision in the North Atlantic Treaty. This made the September 11 attack on America an attack on America’s European allies also.

So, when American began her war against terror, her European allies began their war also. And when America began restructuring her military, her intelligence community, and her civilian infrastructure to fight this new war, her allies began doing the same things in Europe.

The first matter to attend to when going to war is to identify your enemy. And, this is where America and her allies began to drift in different directions. America identified her enemy as being all international terrorists and the countries who aid them. But, her allies only identified the Islamic fundamentalists responsible for the September 11 attacks as their enemy.

Later, when President Bush called Iran, Iraq and North Korea an “axis of evil,” what was before an unnoticeable split between America’s thinking about evil and her European allies suddenly became a huge chasm.

Here’s my point: I began the above commentary by explaining why I thought Europe saw the war against terror differently than the US. I said it was religion. Now Javier Solana has begun saying the very same thing. And, he is even using the same example — the war against terror.

Why does Solana’s recent statement concern me so much? Because Solana — a man who has always been perceived as a true friend of America and a protector of American shared values with Europe — has finally come out of his anti-American and anti-religious closest.

Fortunately for God’s people, Solana isn’t yet in the position of power he so desperately desires. However, should ever something happen to America that would allow someone like Solana to rise to the place of power they are seeking, I believe the foretold end-time darkness would soon cover the earth.

In other words, it may be later than we think.

— Herb Peters