Tolerance Education — What Holly Thinks

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, is host to the Alliance of Civilizations’ third annual forum. UN Photo

Coming soon to a school near you — “tolerance education.” Brought to you by the fine — er, I mean frightening — folks at the UN’s Alliance of Civilizations (AoC).

Over 2,000 world, political and civic leaders are currently meeting in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, for the AoC’s third annual forum. One of their goals is to establish “tolerance education” — a global curriculum that teaches respect for all religions. See a promotional video for the Rio Forum here.

What is “tolerance education”?” This quote from Alliance of Civilization president Jorge Sampaio sheds a scary light on it. It’s from an article about the growing visibility of the Alliance of Civilizations:

The liberty of press, the liberty of religion and the liberty of communication have to be compatible with respect of others.”

Sampaio is saying that the freedoms of speech and religion should be limited by one’s obligation to express respect for the religious beliefs of others.

If you’re a Christian, then Sampaio’s statement — and the whole idea of tolerance education — should scare you. The Bible teaches Christians to love all people — not to express respect for false religious beliefs that are holding those people in spiritual bondage.

Yet what should scare you even more than Sampaio’s remark is the U.S. State Department’s announcement, last week, that the United States has become the 100th nation to join the Alliance of Civilizations. This means that America has agreed to support the principles of the Alliance of Civilizations and to implement — right here in the good, ol’ U.S. of A. — the recommendations put forth in the High Level Group Report. This includes Recommendation No. 3, which states that all religious schools should be required to register with authorities and to have their curricula be pre-approved to make sure it doesn’t “foster hatred of other communities.” See the full report here. In other words, to provide tolerance education.

Things are going to get more difficult for Christians.

— Holly Pivec